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Dungeons & Dragons: The 9 Best Weapons For A Rogue, Ranked

As far as class reputations are concerned, Rogues in Dungeons & Dragons have perhaps the most well defined character archetype in the game (possibly coming in second only to Bards). Through and through, Rogues are troublemakers, scoundrels, risk-takers, tricksters, and assassins.

Thanks to their sneak attack class feature, Rogues are capable of dealing some of the highest single instances of damage in the game. Consequently, no famous rogue is complete without their iconic magic weapon. Between bows, daggers, rapiers, and more, Rogues have no shortage of magical weapon options. However, some of these weapons synergize better with the classes mechanics and flavor than others. Let's take a look.

9/9 Weapon Of Warning

While it's only an uncommon rarity item, the Weapon of Warning is still well worth a mention as one of the best weapons a Rogue can carry. While attuned to this weapon, you gain advantage on initiative rolls and near immunity to the surprised condition thanks to the weapon waking you and any allies within 30 feet of you whenever combat begins. However, this function does not work if you are incapacitated by something other than regular sleep.

On top of all of this, it's also a magic weapon that bypasses many monster resistances and immunities to normal weapon attacks. Especially inventive DMs can have extra fun with this item by roleplaying its warning as something hilarious such as a loud fart, a crying rooster, or an annoying voice.

8/9 Dragon Wing Bow

The Dragon Wing Bow is a rare item that was introduced in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. The bow is enchanted with the magic of the breath weapon of whatever dragon led to its crafting. As a result, successful attack rolls with this weapon deal an additional 1d6 damage of the dragon's breath weapon type.

The bow also magically creates its own ammunition in case that's something your DM tracks. This ranged weapon is a great option for Rogues as it stacks with the classes sneak attack feature to add even more damage to the Rogue's attack. That being said, a lot of Rogues do prefer melee combat so be sure to only award this weapon to the right Rogues.

7/9 Needle Of Mending

One things Rogues are well-known for is being inseparable from at least one dagger at all times. The Needle of Mending is a rare item that plays into this stereotype by appearing to be a regular sewing needle. However, a simple bonus action will see the needle transform into a full-fledged +1 dagger that also allows you to cast the mending cantrip.

This is an especially good item for Rogues obsessed with staying incognito and going on stealth missions. It could also serve as a key plot point in any adventure where the party finds themselves kidnapped or otherwise see their items confiscated.

6/9 Gambler's Blade

The Gambler's Blade is a rare magic weapon that embodies the Rogue's reputation as a risk taker. This sword has a hit and damage bonus equal to anywhere from +1 to +3. Your character chooses the bonus upon attuning to the item and can change it each day at dawn.

The catch is that whatever bonus you choose, you also get an equal negative penalty to your death saving throws. The weapon is also cursed so that you refuse to part with it. The question is, how lucky are you feeling?

5/9 Oathbow

Moving onto very rare items, the Oathbow is essentially an upgraded version of the Dragon Wing Bow. While wielding this bow, you can whisper a phrase in Elvish to gain extra damage against a single enemy for the next seven days. Attack rolls you make against that enemy are made with advantage, your target gains no benefits from cover aside from total cover, and long range attacks you make against the enemy do not incur disadvantage.

As if all of that wasn't good enough, successful attacks against the chosen enemy also deal an additional 3d6 piercing damage. However, while the chosen enemy remains alive, attacks you make with all weapons other than the Oathbow are at disadvantage. Like the Dragon Wing Bow, this weapon takes your Rogue's sneak attack feature to the next level.

4/9 Arrow Of Slaying

Combined with one of the previously mentioned bows, the Arrow of Slaying adds the final piece of the ultimate sneak attack puzzle. These arrows are meant for slaying particular types of creatures and come in forms such as arrows of orc slaying or arrows of beholder slaying.

When this arrow is used to make an attack against a creature of its chosen type, the creature must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw. A failed save results in the arrow dealing an additional 6d10 piercing damage, and a successful save will still see half of this damage dealt. While that might seem absolutely absurd, a single one of these arrows can run you as much as 50,000gp. There's a reason that every hunter isn't running around with a quiver full of these.

3/9 Bookmark

This is a legendary +3 dagger that belongs to the famous Harpers adventurer Artus Cimber. The dagger can shed light in a 40 foot radius, works as a compass, and allows its wielder to cast the dimension door and compulsion spells once per day.

A +3 weapon is especially good for a Rogue due to how important it is for them to land an attack on their turn in order to trigger the sneak attack feature. In addition, dimension door and compulsion are both incredibly useful spells that provide your Rogue with a few more get-out-of-jail-free cards.

2/9 Rakdos Riteknife

The Rakdos Riteknife is a legendary demonic +1 dagger with the cruel and unsusual purpose of imprisoning souls. The dagger can hold a total of five souls and a creature you can choose to imprison the soul of a creature whom you slay with the weapon. Attacks with the dagger deal an extra 1d4 necrotic damage for each soul inside of it. However, the captured souls do cause your character to have bad dreams at night.

You can also choose to release the souls as a bonus action, regaining 1d10 hit points per soul released. Lastly, while the dagger has five souls stored inside of it, you can use a reaction when you hit a target to release all five souls and force the target to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. If the target has less than 75 hit points and fails the save, it immediately dies. Like the Oathbow, this weapon increases the effectiveness of the Rogue's sneak attack. Unlike the Oathbow, it likely comes at the cost of the Rogue becoming evil.

1/9 Luck Blade

Arguably the most fitting magic item of all for a well-roleplayed Rogue, the Luck Blade is a legendary sword with a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls that also provides its wielder with a +1 bonus to saving throws. Once per day, you can use the blade's luck to reroll one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. You must use the new roll.

That being said, the weapon's real power comes from its final trait. A luck blade contains 1d4 – 1 charges. As an action, you can expend one of these charges in order to cast the ninth level wish spell. Yes, you read that right. This weapon gives the incredibly irresponsible rogue access to the ability to shape reality to their whims. Thankfully, it has only got a limited number of charges and can only be used in this manner once per day. With any luck, your Rogue will avoid destroying the world before they run out of wishes.

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