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Dragon Age Origins: How To Romance Morrigan

The world of Dragon: Age Origins has a variety of different characters to get to know, such as the grey warden and possible king, Alistair. One of the more interesting and mysterious characters that’s central to the game’s plot is the Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan.

She joins the party after they narrowly survive the Battle of Ostagar. And like many of the more fleshed-out party members, she can be romanced. Romancing can be a bit complicated when compared to romance in Inquisition, so this guide will help out with romancing Morrigan. It should be noted that only male wardens can romance Morrigan so female wardens will, unfortunately, have to look elsewhere.

Maintain A High Approval Rating With Her

Origins has an approval rating for the game’s companions, meaning that they will approve and disapprove of certain actions commit and things you say to them. Morrigan is no exception to this.

As her approval increases, she will gradually become more interested in you, which is a far cry from her sarcastic attitude towards you in the beginning. Maxing out her approval is key to successfully romancing her. There are two ways in order to get and maintain a high approval rating with her.

Give Her Gifts She May Like

A good way to increase the approval rating is to give her gifts. Gifts are items that can be given to companions and are marked by the word “gift,” rendered in pink font underneath the name of the item.

It is important to pay attention to the item description to make sure it’s the right thing for her since the amount of the approval increase will vary based on how much she likes the item. Morrigan generally likes things that are shiny (such as jewelry) so try sticking to items of that sort. There is also one particular item you have to get for her in order to start her personal quest (more on that in a bit).

Make Decisions And Say Things That Align With Her Philosophy

In regards to what Morrigan values, she generally entertains a “survival of the fittest” mindset and has a lack of respect for what she perceives as softness. This might make her seem more like a villain at first glance, but she can change.

She also appreciates an open-minded approach to her status as an apostate mage (mages that live illegally outside of a chantry of Andraste circle) and her isolated upbringing in the Kokari Wilds.

She can be talked to whenever she is in the player’s party or at the party’s camp, which can be accessed from the map screen.

Complete Her Personal Quest

In order to be able to romance her, you first have to give her a specific gift — that being the black grimoire. She will also ask you to recover it should her approval be high enough.

This item can be found in the chest found in First Enchanter Irving’s office, which is in the senior mage quarter on the second floor of the Circle Tower. Players will have to go here for the main quest at some point, so be sure to grab it to kill two birds with one stone. Regardless of whether she asks you to recover it or you do it before she can ask, the quest Flemeth’s Real Grimoire will begin.

Once it is recovered she will need time to decipher it, so do other things in the meantime. When you return to camp after a while she will reveal that it is actually a book that describes how Flemeth possesses the body of a daughter she raises to live on when her old body dies. Not wanting to suffer this fate, Morrigan will want the Warden to head to Flemeth’s hut, and kill her and retrieve Flemth’s Grimoire. Refusing her will ensure she leaves the party and ruins the chance at romancing her.

Dealing With Flemeth

After the conversation, head to Flemeth’s hut without Morrigan and talk to her. From here you have the option of either letting her flee after she gives you her grimoire and lying to Morrigan about it, or fighting her and taking it. If you fight her, she will shapeshift into a dragon. This leads to a predictably tough boss fight.

There are three main strategies for taking down Flemeth:

  • Use A Fire-Resistant Tank to draw her attention (any of the warrior characters would be good for this)
  • Have casters and archers attack her from afar
  • Snare her with a spell, like Cone of Cold

Once you defeat her, loot Flemeth’s body to find a key, then enter her hut and open the chest inside with the key to find Flemeth’s grimoire. Return to the camp and give her the grimoire as a gift to complete the quest and gain a huge approval increase.

Avoid Love Triangles

No one likes a cheater, and the characters of Dragon Age: Origins are no exception to this. The game lets you romance more than one character, but you will have to choose one or the other at one point.

If you are foolish enough to romance someone other than Morrigan, ensure that you choose her over the other interest (usually Leliana or Zevran for male wardens).

The Big Moment

Once you get close to maxing out Morrigan’s approval, she will confess her feelings and trigger a romantic scene in which the two of you sleep together. Once the scene ends, a relationship will be established and you have now romanced a Witch of the Wilds.

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