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Dragon Age Inquisition's Skyhold Entirely Recreated In The Sims 4, Room By Room

I haven’t exactly been subtle in my undying love for the Dragon Age franchise and since it’ll be quite a bit of time before we get more Dragon Age 4 news, I have to get my fix where I can. So when a friend of mine shared this incredible Dragon Age Inquisition recreation of Skyhold in The Sims 4? I just had to share. 

Redditor user r/StarshinePrince took to the forums to share their creation and I’ll be honest; I was shocked. When I saw the title of the post of being a recreation, I expected it to be one frame of a building that looked similar to that of Skyhold. What I wasn’t expected was a detailed recreation, even going room to room.

Skyhold, for those that have not played the third game in the Dragon Age franchise, is an abandoned elven fortress discovered and used as the base of operations for the Inquisition. The Inquisition was founded to be a source of order after Thedas was thrust into chaos following the return of a seemingly immortal magister from Tevinter’s days of old. 

This haven (but not Haven from the first part of the game) is massive and very intricate in its design, especially as the story progresses and rennovations are done. This Sims 4 player not only recreated the outside and its courtyard, but also the Inquisitor’s rooms, the rooms of Cullen (the game’s Commander of forces), Vivienne (a companion), Sera (a companion), and other various aspects of this particular location. Even the heraldy of the Throne Room is pretty evenly matched to the game itself. I can’t even build a halfway decent house in Sims using cheats, so it may just be me but this absolutely blew my mind. 

No video of this creation yet, but it would be amazing to do a complete virtual tour! It just goes to show the incredibly creative power of The Sims 4 and also shows how passionate the Dragon Age community continues to be long after a title has launched!

What do you think about the above Dragon Age Inquisition Skyhold recreation in The Sims 4? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and feel free to drop in any other awesome finds you may have stumbled upon! 

[Source: Reddit]

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