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Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Solas

Dragon Age: Inquisition featured a number of romanceable companions with gender and race restrictions to make each relationship specific. Among these is Solas, an Elven hedge mage/apostate who doesn’t identify as a Dalish or City Elf. His mysterious backstory makes him alluring from the first moment that he joins the player’s party and getting to know him is as easy as asking for stories of the Fade.

Solas is exclusively romanceable by female Elven Inquisitors. According to Patrick Weekes, he wasn’t written as a romance option for men and women in order to avoid the “Depraved Bisexual” trope. Too often, bisexual characters are depicted as evil, out-of-touch, or selfish. Though seemingly heterosexual, Solas is also three of those two things. This rundown provides all the details on how to flirt your way into this old curmudgeon’s heart.

Approval And How To Get It

Solas is one of the companions that the player doesn’t get to choose; he joins the party in the first 30 minutes of gameplay. He is then a permanent member of the Inquisition going forward. As such, the player should start accruing approval with him as soon as possible.

When making dialogue choices and finding solutions to problems in the game, Solas approves if the player is thoughtful, asks a lot of questions, and supports marginalized groups (such as Elves and mages).

Lavellan players should also talk to him in Haven, engaging in every line of questioning provided. Solas will tell the player about his dreams and wandering through the Fade in addition to a number of other topics. Flirt options will arise during these conversations, and the player should take them every time if they want to romance him.

The Dream of Haven

Shortly after arriving in Skyhold, speaking to Solas will spark a conversation between him and the player where they wander through a Fade-version of Haven. If the flirtation option is picked, the player will be prompted to kiss Solas. The Inquisitor briefly kisses him and turns away, but he pulls her in for one more before releasing her.

The conversation ends quickly after that with Solas insisting that it “isn’t right.” When the player approaches him again, he will say that their relationship might lead to trouble. But if the player says that they’re willing to try, Solas says that he’ll consider it.

All New, Faded For Her

The next critical moment in the romance is during Solas’ personal quest, “All New, Faded For Her.” The quest name is an anagram for “Dread Wolf Fen’Harel.” A friend of his, a spirit of wisdom, has been trapped by mages who want to use it for protection. Due to the conditions of its summoning, the spirit has morphed into a demon.

Solas insists that breaking the pillars used in the ritual will set the spirit free from its demonic shape. However, the mages who summoned it claim that the demon needs to be killed as they cannot control it. To continue Solas’ romance, the player should pick options that are generally sympathetic to Solas’ goal to save his friend.

Showing understanding for their plight through conversation provides approval. But minor disapproval won’t have a big effect, so long as the player doesn’t kill the demon. Instead, break the pillars and let the spirit go free. No matter what, Solas will always leave the party afterward to mourn.

The Balcony Tryst

Soon afterward, when the Inquisitor has garnered enough approval, Solas will ask to speak with her privately. This prompts a cutscene in the player’s bed chambers where the pair have a conversation on the balcony. Solas asks a little about what the player was like before they were marked by the Anchor and eventually admits that he has not forgotten their kiss in the Fade.

The Inquisitor’s response will either break off her fling with him or officially initiate their relationship. If she chooses to encourage him, they share a tender kiss before Solas departs saying “Ar lath ma, vhenan” (I love you, my heart). From there, players must simply watch the romance unfold rather than steer it in any particular direction. We did warn you…

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