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Dragon Age Inquisition: Guide To Completing The Bottles On The Wall Collection

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, there is an unmarked quest called “Bottles on the Wall.” The quest has nothing to do with the main plot nor does it have a story. Basically, it is just a collection of various bottles of Thedas’ malts, meads, brandies, and reserves. Every bottle found comes with a little Codex Entry and 200 influence.

Also, players can admire their bottle collection in Skyhold. Like the quest itself though, the collection is a little hidden. The bottles found around Thedas get placed onto a set of shelves found in the basement of Skyhold’s lower courtyard.

Finding all 29 bottles in the vast lands of Thedas can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is especially true considering the fact that the bottles are all located in large maps such as the Hinterlands and Western Approach. Some bottles you will stumble on during main quests, while others are pretty out of the way.

Bottles In Crestwood

*Important note: Do not look for any of these bottles until after you drain the lake as most of the bottles are in that area.

  • Antivan Sip-Sip: Head to the Glenmorgan Mine area. This bottle is located deep in a cave close by to The Guide of Falon’Din landmark, aka the statue of the owl. To get there, go northwest of the Three Trout Farm Inquisition Camp. The cave is down the hill of an astrarium in the region.
  • Hirol’s Lava Burst: Travel south of the Flooded Caves. The bottle is in a closed house in the drained lake area near the place where you do a quest for a spirit called “Burdens of Command.”
  • Vintage: Warden Daedalam: This bottle is also in the drained lake area. Starting from the Fisherman’s Hut landmark, travel south until you run into a dilapidated house with a visible chest. The bottle will be in there.
  • Vintage: Warden Gibbins: Take a left while facing outwards from the house you find the Hirol’s Lava Burst in and walk down the path to a big decrepit and broken house right near the lake. The bottle is waiting inside.

Bottles In The Emerald Graves

  • Absence: Found in the Freeman Encampment called Argon’s Lodge. Look for a small room and the bottle will be on a stack of boxes in the corner.
  • Chasind Sack Mead: Go north of Southfinger Tower until you hit a Red Templar/Mage Camp. The bottle is found in the center of the camp.
  • Mackay’s Epic Single Malt: Travel north of Chateau d’Onterre and follow the right edge of the map until you come to Bear Cave. The bottle is in there near a corpse.
  • Sun Blonde Vint-1: Walk south from the Direstone Inquisition Camp until you get to Silver Falls. The bottle is on the riverbank near the waterfall.

Bottles In Emprise Du Lion

  • Abyssal Peach: This one is very hidden. It is located in the old elven fortress called Suledin Keep. The bottle can be found after the cages with the giant, but before reaching the lyrium tents after it. Between those two areas is a wooded courtyard. The player will need to climb up a fallen tree to get to a collapsed wall where the bottle is located.
  • Legacy White Shear: Go to the Sahrnia Quarry. Within the quarry is a tower. Go inside the tower and the bottle sits in the entrance.

Bottles In The Exalted Plains

  • Alvarado’s Bathtub Boot Screech: Found inside a tower on the Eastern Ramparts near the Riverwatch Inquisition Camp.
  • Finale by Massaad: Located in the basement of the Riverside Garrison where the rift is.
  • Vintage: Warden Korenic: Found in Ville Montevellan in a yellow house by a river.
  • Vintage: Warden Tontiv: From the Riverwatch Inquisition Camp, go southwest. The bottle is in one of the burning houses.

Bottles In The Fallow Mire

  • Dragon Piss: Go northwest of the fourth and final beacon from the “Beacons in the Dark” sidequest. The bottle is located in the second house found in that direction.
  • Garbolg’s Backcountry Reserve: This is one of the more easy bottles to find due to it being so close to an Inquisition camp. Starting at the Fisher’s End Inquisition Camp, go northwest until you hit a house. The bottle is inside it.

Bottles In The Forbidden Oasis

  • Golden Scythe 4:90 Black: Sits at the bottom of the Spiral Mine. A rift is there. After closing the rift, explore a little side area with a skeleton and a table to find the bottle.

Bottles In The Hinterlands

  • Butterbile 7:84: This can be collected while completing the side quest “Blood Brothers.” The bottle is on the table next to a giant cheese wheel in a locked roundhouse.
  • Carnal, 8:69 Blessed: Located at Redcliffe Farms on the first floor of Master Dennet’s house. It is on a shelf in a bedroom.
  • Vint-9 Rowan’s Rose: Go to the Winterwatch Tower tavern. The bottle can be found on the second floor on a table no one is sitting at.

Bottles In The Hissing Wastes

  • Aqua Magnus: Southeast of the Logging Inquisition Camp, this bottle can be found on a corpse by a tent outside the Burial Grounds Tomb explored in the “The Tomb of Fairel” sidequest.
  • Flames of Our Lady: Travel to the northwest of the Sunstop Mountain Inquisition Camp until you hit quarry structures. The bottle is located on the lower levels of a table.
  • Silent Plains Piquette: Go southeast of the Sunstop Mountain Inquisition Camp until reaching a Venatori Camp. The bottle is there and can be picked up during the sidequest “Sand and Ruin.” The bottle is near a cooking pot by a well and tents.

Bottles In Redcliffe Village

Vintage: Bethany Hawke/Carver Hawke/ Warden Steed (title depends on Dragon Age Keep decisions): This bottle requires the Deft Hands, Fine Tools Inquisition perk to open a locked door. It is in the locked wheelhouse by the village entrance. Inside the house, the bottle is sitting on a table with a board game.

Bottles In The Storm Coast

  • Vintage: Warden Anras: Starting in the Small Grove Inquisition Camp, go southeast. The bottle in a cliffside camp facing Long River and sits on some boxes.
  • Vintage: Warden Riordan: From Driftwood Margin Inquisition Camp, go east. The bottle is in the same shack as Warden-Commander’s Badge companion quest and the Wardens of the Coast sidequest.

Bottles in The Western Approach

  • Vintage: Warden Eval’lal: Located in the top right corner of the Ritual Tower.
  • Vintage: Warden Jairn: Found in Dustytop Fort on a tower with a pile of bones.
  • West Hill Brandy:  Located in a tower that sits between the Underground Cavern and the Craggy Ridge Inquisition Camp. Climb the east side of the tower by jumping up some rock formations, which requires some awkward platforming, and then go up a ladder to find the bottle.

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