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Dr Disrespect sighting suggests he is Twitch ‘scapegoat’

There’s still been no official word on what has happened to Dr Disrespect but a possible appearance on Twitch has offered more clues.

Between the closure of Mixer and the banning of Dr Disrespect, it’s been a tumultuous month for streamers and their fans, but while Ninja may soon be about to break cover, after the collapse of Mixer, there’s still little clue as to what’s going on with Dr Disrespect.

The popular streamer, real name Herschel Beahm IV, disappeared from Twitch late last month, with only the vaguest of explanations from Twitch, and a single tweet from Beahm claiming he didn’t know why he had been banned.

Rumours suggest the ban is permanent, and there’s certainly been no sign of him coming back so far, but it looks like he may have broken cover on the Twitch stream of Nick ‘Nickmercs’ Kolchef.

Someone named Dr Disrespect turned up on Kolchef’s stream and offered a $50 donation and a brief message. On the face of it there’s little reason to think it really was Beahm, except for the fact that he has donated to the Nickmercs stream before and according to Kolchef the wording of the message is similar to ones he’s received previously.

‘It’s not the audio… check the records and VODS. Barely laying on a lounge chair right now. I hear everything. The ponytail is still drippin’, and the two-time never slippin’. Twitch needs a scapegoat? I ain’t even trippin’,’ said the donation message according to WIN.gg.

The message seems to confirm existing theories that the ban was not because of any DMCA strikes, which have caused problems for other streamers in recent weeks, but there’s no indication of what the actual reason was.

What Twitch would need a scapegoat for is unclear as, apart from the disappearance of Dr Disrespect, there haven’t been any major controversies in recent weeks.

Fellow streamer ShannonZKiller is one of several figures, along with industry commentator Rod Breslau, to suggest they know the reason for the ban, but other than implying that it is a serious issue they’ve offered no clue as to what is going on.

At this rate it’s becoming unclear if the truth with ever be known or if Beahm will return to the spotlight, with some speculating that he’s taken the opportunity to retire.

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