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Double Trouble: Untitled Goose Game Is Getting Co-op Play

Untitled Goose Game, one of the best indie games in recent times is about to get twice as mischievous — if you can believe that. The game is slated to include local co-op play in an upcoming update that will be free to all who own the game.

The surprise hit that absolutely nobody saw coming, Untitled Goose Game, winner of the D.I.C.E. Game of the Year award for 2019, beating out Death Stranding and Outer Wilds, will be adding local two-player cooperative play in an update, coming in a little over a month on September 23rd. Call over a friend and ruin every villager’s day, execute horrible pranks, steal everyone’s belongings, and throw them in the lake as the most menacing characters in gaming, a couple of geese.

Announced via a press release, the indie developers at House House intend to make players cause as much minor anguish as humanly possible to by doubling the player count, but not only that, they announced the intent to release the game to both Steam and itch.io on the day of the update. For players looking to wreak havoc in the form of causing minor inconveniences now, the game is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, and via the Epic Game Store.

If you’re a Switch or PlayStation gamer and would prefer a physical release, today is your lucky day! Well, actually September 29th is your lucky day, as physical editions of the game will be made available for all Switch and PlayStation users on that date, courtesy of iam8bit, in collaboration with House House and Panic In. The physical release will include the iam8bit-exclusive “Lovely Edition”, featuring an 11×17″ foldout map of the town, a reversible coversheet, and a “No Goose” sticker, which works to keep geese away 100% of the time. Physical editions are available for preorder now, $34.99 for PlayStation users, and $39.99 for Switch users. Fans of the soundtrack can also preorder the game soundtrack on vinyl for $29.99.

Double trouble is the worst possible news for the villagers, but the best possible news for the players who want to stick it to them. On any current-gen platform of your choosing, bring out your inner awful and complete objectives with a friend or family member in the joy that is Untitled Goose Game. HONK!

Watch the co-op gameplay trailer here:

Sources: House House, iam8bit

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