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Dota 2: Outworld Destroyer Tips And Tricks

Outworld Destroyer in Dota 2 has always been one of the most terrifying heroes in the late game. This hero has changed a lot over the last few years with each patch. Unlike in the past, he is now strong at all stages of the game. However, since Outworld Destroyer’s abilities benefit only him and not his allies, he is only appropriate for Core roles.

This hero’s versatile item builds allow him to adapt to the matchup he faces in each game. His power stems from his pure damage Arcane Orb and mana-based ultimate. Because of these abilities, he is known as a counter to most Strength and Agility heroes. However, Outworld Destroyer, like any other hero, has flaws. For example, he heavily relies on his Arcane Orb, and if he is silenced or disarmed, he is unable to use it. He also has to deal with enemies who have spell immunity and evasion.

Because his Arcane Orb cannot be used against buildings, he is not considered a tower pusher. He also lacks farming skills, making the game difficult for him. However, properly itemizing can greatly assist Outworld Destroyer in overcoming these weaknesses.

This guide will go over the abilities of Outworld Destroyer and how to use them effectively.

Outworld Destroyer’s Abilities

Arcane Orb

This ability is dependent on the amount of mana remaining in the mana pool. What makes Arcane Orb such a strong ability is its pure damage type. This type of damage cannot be mitigated through the use of Magic Resistance or Armor. At the first level, this ability has a six-second cooldown and has no cooldown at max level.

Arcane Orb damage is based on 16% of current mana, which increases to 18% with a talent. The mana cost is based on 20% of the current mana.


  • Because Arcane Orb is pure damage, it cannot be increased by attack damage, but it is affected by Spell Amplification and Spell Lifesteals.
  • If Destroyer’s mana reduces before Arcane Orb reaches the target, its damage will be reduced. In other words, if Outworld Destroyer casts Arcane Orb on one of your allies while you are using items such as Diffusal Blade to burn his mana, the damage dealt to your ally will be reduced.
  • The Arcane Orb is incapable of piercing Spell Immunity targets. As a result, Black King Bar is an excellent item to use against Outworld destroyer.

Astral Imprisonment

He hides a unit from the outside world and makes him invulnerable and disabled. When cast on an enemy unit, it deals damage and steals a percentage of his mana for Destroyer. The Imprisonment has a duration of 1.75 seconds at the first level and 4 seconds at the maximum level.

Outworld Destroyer steals 22% of an enemy’s mana and deals 360 damage with each Astral Imprisonment cast on them at max level. Mana steal duration is 30/40/50/60 seconds at each level.


  • It’s a fantastic ability to pair with abilities that require set up to cast successfully, such as Meteor Hammer, Meat hook, Sacred arrow, and Hookshot.
  • Astral Imprisonment also steals mana from illusions and clones.
  • As previously stated, Astral ability can be cast on both allies and yourself, so it can be used to save teammates from danger temporarily. For example, if your ally has been stunned by the enemy, you can use this ability on him to make him invulnerable for 4 seconds, causing the enemy to change their target or lose focus.
  • If you want to become more difficult to kill, purchase Blink Dagger, and when you got caught, use Astral on yourself and immediately use Blink to escape when you got out of the ability.
  • The damage is applied to the enemies at the end of the duration.

Aghanim’s Scepter – This provides two charges for the Astral Imprisonment, increases its damage, and applies damage to the imprisoned unit surroundings.

Tip: If you intend to purchase Aghanim’s Scepter, you should also consider purchasing Aether Lens to extend the range of your spells. Prior to initiating the team fight, attempt to use Astral on as many enemies as possible from afar to increase your mana pool and gain a significant advantage once the fight begins.

Essence Flux

Each time you use an ability, Essence Flux restores a percentage of your maximum mana. This ability restores 50% of maximum mana at max level and has a 30% proc chance. When you run out of mana, you can replenish it by casting spells. Outworld Destroyer relies heavily on mana, so this ability is critical. If your item build revolves around Arcane Orb rather than Astral, you should put more levels in Essence Flux.

Aghanim’s Shard –  This item transforms Essence Flux into an active ability while maintaining the passive mana restoration. Your mana and health will be swapped when you use Essence Flux.

Sanity’s Eclipse

This ability is a target area spell with a maximum radius of 600 and base damage of 400. Sanity’s Eclipse is exceptionally powerful due to its 0.4 mana difference damage multiplier. With dedicated talent, it can reach 0.55.


  • Sanity’s Eclipse can hit enemies in the Astral Imprisonment. If the damage is enough to kill them, they will die after the Astral imprisonment duration ends.
  • Because this ability is mana-based, it is best used against heroes with a small mana pool. Agility heroes are particularly vulnerable to Sanity’s Eclipse.
  • We recommend using this ability as a finisher in the middle or end of a fight to maximize damage after your opponents have used their mana.

Outworld Destroyer’s Ability Build

Depending on your role and opponent, you should choose between Arcane Orb and Astral Imprisonment at level 1. Arcane Orb is usually a better choice because it allows you to take Range creep’s last hit easily. At level 2, spend one point on Essence Flux and the rest on Astral Imprisonment and Arcane Orb.

Outworld Destroyer’s Talent Tree

Your item build and enemies influence the talent tree. For example, if you’re going to buy items to use your Arcane Orb to kill enemies, you can choose +15 attack speed at level 10 or take 200 Health if you’re going to buy Meteor Hammer and Aghanim’s Scepter. The image below shows the most popular Talent Tree at this time.

Outworld Destroyer’s Difficult Matchups

Nyx Assassin – His Mana Burn ability’s damage increases in direct proportion to his opponent’s intelligence, making it a counter to Outworld Destroyer. If he uses his Spiked carapace right on time, he will be able to return the entirety of Sanity’s Eclipse’s damage to Destroyer. If you’re playing against this hero, buy Linken’s Sphere and Black King Bar.

Silencer – Outworld Destroyer uses his abilities to eliminate opponents. On the other hand, Silencer can prevent anyone from casting spells through his Global Silence or Last Word. The Black King Bar is the only item you can use against this hero.

Templar Assassin – Her Refraction ability allows her to negate Arcane Orbs and Sanity’s Eclipse damage. You have no choice but to wait for your teammates to destroy his Refraction before using Sanity’s Eclipse.

Invoker – Heroes with High intelligence and mana pool such as Invoker will take less damage from Destroyer. Invoker has annoying abilities in his arsenal, and he can burn Outworld Destroyer’s mana. Wait for him to cast his Combos and then Astral yourself. Don’t forget to buy Black King Bar at the late game.

Pugna – Nether Ward is a powerful ability against heroes with mana-intensive abilities, which means you’ll take a lot of damage while attacking with Arcane Orb or casting Sanity’s Eclipse. Pugna is very powerful against Destroyer. The solution is to destroy his Nether Ward as fast as possible. Purchase Black King bar in the late game.

Lifestealer and Juggernaut – Both of these heroes have a skill that grants them Spell Immunity, making them powerful against Outworld Destroyer.

Outworld Destroyer is irritated by enemies who have evasion abilities or items because he cannot build Arcane Orb stacks. Tinker’s Laser is one of these abilities.

Outworld Destroyer’s Strong Matchups

Axe – When he uses Berseker’s call, he gains massive armor, but Outworld Destroyer Arcane Orb deals Pure damage, so he can easily kill him. Additionally, if Axe summons his Berserker’s call on one of your allies, Outworld Destroyer can cast Astral Imprisonment on him.

Huskar – This hero’s purpose is to run around the map killing anyone who gets in his way. Huskar’s Life Break can easily kill your hero if he lacks an escape mechanism. Outworld Destroyer can use Astral to escape from Huskar. Furthermore, Santy’s Eclipse causes significant damage to Huskar.

Legion Commander – Outworld Destroyer is a formidable counter to Legion Commander at all stages of the game. To save his ally, he can use Astral on the dueled ally or Legion himself. If the Legion Commander purchases Linkens or Black King Bar, use Astral on the ally. Legion will always try to Duel Outworld Destroyer in these matchups, so be careful of your positioning and buy Linken’s to avoid being Dueled.

Winter Wyvern – Destroyer can kill Winter Wyvern allies affected by Cold embrace because Arcane Orb is Pure damage. If Winter Wyvern uses his ultimate on one of your teammates and you haven’t coughed yet, you can use Astral to save him.

Wraith King – Due to his low mana pool, he takes a lot of damage from Sanity’s Eclipse. Wraith King’s Wraithfire Blast is a projectile ability, making it easy for Destroyer to avoid with Astral Imprisonment.

Morphling – This hero converts his Strength into Agility in order to increase his attack speed and damage, allowing him to farm faster or kill his opponents. Morphling’s HP pool is low during the game due to switching from Strength to Agility, and Outworld Destroyer can literally one-shot Morphling with his Sanity’s Eclipse.

Timbersaw – Reactive Armor is one of Dota 2’s most powerful defensive abilities, providing massive armor and HP regen. Timbersaw can frontline in team fights with this ability, but if you have Outworld Destroyer, he can threaten him with Arcane Orb pure damage.

Outworld Destroyer’s Best Allies

Ogre Magi – His Bloodlust significantly increases the attack speed of Outworld Destroyer. Destroyer lacks stun and slow, making soloing opponents difficult. Ogre Magi Ignite’s slow and Fireblast’s stun bring abilities to the table that Outworld Destroyer lacks. Furthermore, because Outworld Destroyer is a ranged hero, having a tanky frontliner can help him avoid being killed early in team fights.

Pudge, Mirana, and Clockwerk – These heroes have abilities that require a high level of skill to cast, and if your opponent is more skilled than you, they will almost certainly avoid your abilities. As a result, having heroes like Outworld Destroyer with abilities like Astral, who can serve as a set up for skilled abilities, is advantageous.

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