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DJ And Singer Nina Kraviz Is A Ripperdoc In Cyberpunk 2077

Although these days she’s more known for her music, Nina Kraviz has a pretty interesting icebreaker. Before getting into music full-time, the Siberia native studied to be a dentist. In college, Kraviz was a dentist by day and a DJ by night with a residency every Friday night at a popular downtown club.

Eventually she got tired of fixing teeth and quit the medical profession to be a full-time music producer. Now she’s got a successful music career complete with her own record label.

But the dentist thing never really left Kraviz. That’s why she’d make the perfect ripperdoc in Cyberpunk 2077.

In case you’re not up with the cyberpunk lingo, a ripperdoc is an underground medical professional skilled in both the healing arts and the installation and repair of cybernetic implants. You might refer to this profession as “cyberdoc” or “street doc” in other cyberpunk settings. Ripperdocs are the people you’ll go to whenever you need to patch a bullet hole or find yourself an upgraded cyber arm.

And with Nina’s past experience as a dentist, she’d have the perfect table-side acumen for slapping a new set of cyber chompers in your maw.

Nina made the revelation on Twitter today saying she’d play herself as a ripperdoc, also posting a picture of herself in-game. She’ll also be featured in Cyberpunk’s soundtrack. CD Projekt Red was definitely getting their money’s worth when they hired her.

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