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Ditch your TV for a gaming projector if you never want to leave the house again

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As consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X bring high-end 4K graphics to the masses, it's getting more and more expensive to find a decent gaming display.

Of course, there are tons of reasonably-priced 4K TVs, but these can often suffer from poor refresh rates, image burn-in, and dodgy colour quality.

It means gamers are forking out more and more for a decent display, with many now asking why they don't just go the extra mile and get a proper gaming projector.

It sounds good on paper: wall-size gaming, allowing you to enjoy your console titles in detail. But if you've ever tried to game on a cheap projector, you'll know that it just doesn't quite match up to a TV.

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Projector companies like BenQ and Epson have started to address this issue by releasing a new range of projectors offering all the high-end image features you'd get in a posh TV, whether it's HDR10+ or true 4K resolution, for about the same price as a pricey screen.

This guide to the latest gaming-ready projectors should give you an idea of your options, including the kind of budget you'll need, how much space they'll take up, and what the benefits are. Spoiler alert: it won't be cheap, but it might be great.

What is the best BenQ gaming projector?

There are a huge range of gaming projectors out there, but unfortunately, getting something that provides the same image quality as a decent TV isn't cheap.

On the mid-range end of the spectrum there's the BenQ X1300i. Billed as a dedicated gaming projector from BenQ, this LED-powered gaming projector has multiple gaming modes and can project up to 1080p resolution. It can cost between £1049 and around £1200 and is relatively compact, meaning it can fit easily into your living room. It works well in bright light conditions and, when placed properly, looks just as good as an LED TV.

However, if you really want to make the most of a next-gen console such as a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, BenQ's X3000i offers 4K projection with HDR lighting for around £1899.

It's easy to set the projector up and it provides the kind of image quality you'd get on a high-end OLED TV (bear in mind some of these, such as the LG C1, cost upwards of £2000).

The X3000i also has a number of different game modes optimised for FPS, RPG, sports games and more. The projector is a square, boxy shape that doesn't take up too much room and it's easy enough to just stick it on a table and pack away when you're not using it.

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Should I get an Epson laser projector?

If you really want to invest in your gaming setup, a laser projector is likely your best—and most expensive—option. This is because laser projectors offer brighter, more accurate colours and image fidelity, and typically provide a faster refresh rate (so the image reacts to your controller input effectively).

Epson offers two great laser projectors. The first one, the EF-12, is probably the easiest projector of all to set up. It's really compact and offers short-throw images, which means you don't need a huge room to get a decent-sized image.

It's more or less plug-and-play as well, as turning it on will instantly give you access to its built-in AndroidTV features. It's a great projector if you don't have much space, and at £939, it's a bargain if you want the kind of quality that laser provides. Be warned, though: it only offers 1080p resolution, not 4K.

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If you've won the lottery or have a gigantic warehouse that you want to turn into a cinema-sized gaming room, then Epson has your back with the LS12000B. This is possibly one of the biggest projectors out there. It barely fits on a table and costs a whopping £4,399. It pays off in terms of offering incredible brightness and a huge picture, but it weighs a ton and it's massive.

You'll need plenty of space—and plenty of cash—for this one, but if you want something that doubles as a home cinema for movies and an amazing gaming projector, it could just be the answer.

There are tons of great projectors out there, and as long as you've got the space, the cash, and the right curtains, they can easily give TVs a run for their money. Just make sure nobody walks in front of it while you're playing.


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