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Dislyte: The Best Espers For Spatial Tower 80

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  • What Will I Face At Spatial Tower Level 80?
  • How Do I Beat Spatial Tower 80?

The Spatial Tower is one of the great early challenges for Dislyte players. It has 100 levels, each of which you must defeat before moving on to the next. Every level has a set reward for completion, and once you have succeeded against a particular level, you cannot later repeat it. But it may take you many attempts to beat each one.

Many of the levels will become simple enough to beat with almost any combination of high-level Espers in your squad. But once you start to climb above level 70, even the toughest of squads can start to run up against difficulties. Each level has a set group of enemies. And the mobs at level 80 can prove particularly hard to get past.

What Will I Face At Spatial Tower Level 80?

You’ll find the Spatial Tower in the Infinite Miracle section of Trials. Clearing level 80 of the tower is particularly desirable as it rewards you with a complete set of four six-star Wind Walker Relics, which boost an Esper’s SPD stat.

The battle is over three waves, with all mobs at level 60. Wave one is two Long Mians and three level 60 Eiras. Wave two is two Jacobs (a lot of Poison damage) and three Karas (SPD down, Disease, and Poison). For the final wave, you’ll face:

  • Clara (Orange): A support Esper whose Hymn of Life main ability heals all allies and increases their AP by 20 percent. Her passive Queen’s Protection dispels debuffs when she heals or gives Immunity if they’re not debuffed. And if her healing isn’t required, the target instead gets a Shield for two turns. Even her basic attack heals her friend with the lowest percentage of health – which will also trigger her passive.
  • Xie Chuyi (Purple): Netherworld Hurl gives her C. RATE Up and gives a single target DEF down. Dead End hits all enemies and has a 30 percent chance to inflict SDP Down.
  • Xie Yuzhi (Green): Heaven Awaits is a really irritating attack if it lands fully, giving her SPD Up while stealing AP and increasing debuff durations on your Esper. Luck in Pairs hits all Espers and has a 30 percent chance to Stun.
  • Eire (Purple): Seabreeze Sonata inflicts SPD Down on all Espers and reduces AP by 30 percent. Divine Love dispels debuffs from an ally and makes them immune to debuffs.
  • Long Mian (Green): Cold Touch hits all enemies with an 80 percent chance of inflicting SPD Down and Freeze. Devastating, but it has a five-turn cooldown. Hoarfrost also attacks all Espers, with a 70 percent chance of reducing AP by 30 percent. Even his basic attack has a good chance to inflict SPD Down on an Esper.

It’s important to remember that Xie Chuyi and Xie Yuzhi are both significantly enhanced when together. Chuyi hits extra times with Dead End, while her basic attack does True Damage – six percent of the target Esper’s base HP. Yuzhi’s Luck in Paris and basic attack both hit twice more while Chuyi is in the fight.

How Do I Beat Spatial Tower 80?

To really get going as a team, these mobs need to be debuffing you. They speed up fast, but it’s the combination of that with slowing down and freezing/stunning your Espers that can be so frustrating – and see you lose the battle. If you don’t have Immunity up before they get to take their first turns, or you don't slow them down early, you can be in serious trouble and probably won’t recover.

All the Espers listed below are accessible for F2P Dislyte players (four-star or below, or available guaranteed via in-game rewards), provided you put the effort in to complete the relevant sections of the game.

Speed Control

In wave three, the enemy has SPD stats above 100. This means that if you don’t surpass that within your own team, you’re likely to be overwhelmed before you’ve gotten a shot off. Boosting your SPD over 150 (or even 200) can be done relatively easily with the right Relics – either through the Wind Walker set (SPD +25 percent) or directly through stat increases (only Mui2 can have SPD as a main attribute, but all Relics can have it as a secondary). And if you have an Esper with high SPD that also buffs SPD or AP, you can let your other Espers concentrate on what they do best.

  • Dhalia: Dhalia’s Sonic Camo gives a 25 percent AP up to all Espers at the start of the round, potentially moving them up the turn order – with C. RATE and ATK Up as a bonus. Her other skills have chances to land Stun, Freeze, and SPD Down, playing them at their own game.
  • Melanie: Queen of the Night has a 60 percent chance to reduce each enemy’s AP by 15 percent, while her passive reduces it further – potentially adding Petrify. Her basic attack has a good chance to land SPD Down too.


If you can keep your squad immune to debuffs, they’re going to avoid Stuns, Freeze, and SPD/AP Down. Without those, the cracks really start to show in all the waves here. You can then keep your own buffs up and concentrate on taking out one mob at a time. The order should revolve around your squad’s strength versus certain colours. Take out the weaker links for your squad, keep Immunity up, and you should prevail.

  • Gabrielle: Rush grants Immunity and DEF Up to all Espers for two turns, so is a great start versus any battle wave here. Unfortunately, it’s on a five-turn timer unless you’ve maxed it out to level five (four-turn cooldown).
  • Chang Pu: Prayer of Renewal gives full squad Immunity for two turns and at level four it is on a three-turn cooldown. It also heals for 15 percent of each Esper’s max HP, so she’s a great second-cast option to top up the Immunity after the first few rounds.
  • Fabrice: Autumn Butterflies gives all Espers Immunity for two turns and, at level two, is only on a three-turn cooldown. Love Sonata gives an ally a 100 percent AP boost.


If you’re not confident you can keep Immunity up, or do it fast or often enough, being able to remove those nasty debuffs – or taking buffs off the enemy – is a solid plan.

  • Heng Yue: Golden Moon is a strong heal that also removes all debuffs – with the heal amount actually getting stronger for each one removed. Her passive also dispels debuffs on an ally, while her basic attack can remove a buff from an enemy.
  • Jeanne: Beat Burst dispels all buffs on an opponent and Stuns them. Cool Rhythms has a strong chance to Stun three random enemies, while even her basic attack has a Stun chance.

Doing The Damage

All this is well and good, but you still need to get the job done with your DPS Espers. The longer it takes to take down the enemies, the more chance there is they’ll find a way through your defences.

  • Li Ling: Massive damage, with your choice of single or multiple targets. Two of his attacks also steal AP, which is a big factor in this battle.
  • Chloe: The randomness of her targeting is made up for with buff stealing and blocking, which can play havoc with the enemies in Spatial Tower level 80.
  • Sander: Built around single enemy damage, but also around speed. All his damage is increased by his SPD stat, while Sandstorm reduces AP and can Stun. Corrosion gives him SPD Up and his opponent SPD down, while his basic attack has a strong chance to land AP Down.

We completed Spatial Tower level 80 with a squad of level 50-60 Espers consisting of Li Ling, Chloe, Gabrielle, Dhalia, and Chang Pu – each with a six-star relic set as described above. There are many other Espers you can use to replace these; you simply need to get the balance right between negating their strengths while doing enough damage to take them down. Good luck!

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