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Dislyte: Narmer – Best Relics And Build

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  • Narmer’s Abilities And Strengths
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There are all kinds of Espers in Dislyte. From straight our DPS damage dealers and defensive tanks, through to healers, controllers, and support heroes. Better still, there are lots of different battle types to involve yourself in. Whether you want to follow the main story, take on impressive and complex bosses in one-off battles, or go against other players in PvP, Dislyte has you covered.

Putting the right team together for each different type of battle situation is half the battle. The other half is making sure each Esper you choose has the right Relics and overall build to do their job at maximum efficiency. So, if you have Narmer, what are his best Relics and build?

Narmer’s Abilities And Strengths

Narmer is a Fighter Esper purely designed to do big damage. He doesn’t do anything to buff his team, but when built right he can be devastating on the offensive side of things.

  • Emblazoned Strike (cooldown: two to four turns*): Attacks all enemies for up to 100 percent of ATK. This attack also consumes all of his Burning Sun stacks (see below). Each one consumed adds an extra seven percent damage (up to a max addition of 56 percent). If five or more are consumed, the attack ignores 40 percent of DEF. If the maximum of eight is consumed, Emblazoned Strike’s next cooldown is reduced by one.
  • Wheel of Fate (passive): At the start of Narmer’s turn, he gains one Burning Sun. Once you have Ascended Narmer to level three, this ability doubles in strength to give him two Burning Sun stacks on each of his turns. He also gains a Burning Sun each time he receives a buff. The most he can total is eight Burning Suns.
  • Sunwheel (passive): Attacks one enemy for up to 130 percent of ATK skill and steals one buff from them. Also has up to 100 percent chance of giving Narmer ATK Up for two turns.
  • Captain Ability: Increases all allied Esper ATK by 40 percent – but only in Point War.

* Emblazoned Strike’s cooldown is reduced by one when you max out the skill through Growth.

Narmer is capable of doing huge hits, especially in buffing teams built around SPD and AP buffs. The more turns he takes and the more buffs he receives, the more he can unleash those maxed-out Emblazoned Strikes that do massive damage – especially if ignoring DEF. And those attacks hit all enemies.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

As a rare five-star Esper, you’re unlikely to pick up too many copies of Narmer. But if you do, ATK is the way to go. He should be relying on others to keep him alive, while he concentrates on maximising those attacks.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Narmer?

It will come as no surprise that upping Narmer’s ATK should be a priority when looking for Relic combos. However, there’s nothing like increasing his C.RATE and C.DMG to take those strikes to another level. A little risky, but the effects can be devastating. If you’ve also managed to increase his basic skill through Growth, so that the ATK Up skill is guaranteed, counterattacking is also a solid option.

  • War Machine (Una): If you have a full set of this Relic equipped, Narmer will gain 30 percent ATK.
  • Hammer of Thor (Una): Adds 40 percent C.DMG when his critical hits land.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): Gives a +20 percent chance to land crits (C.RATE).
  • Sword Avatara (Mui): Has a 25 percent chance to retaliate with Counterattack whenever damaged.

There’s a charming simplicity to Narmer that means it's hard to see past these basic Relic sets. However, if you’re running without a healer, he’ll certainly benefit from the Lifesteal capabilities of the Hades Una set. While if you have his Emblazoned Strike cooldown reduced and are in a fast team, the Snow Dowager Relics’ 25 percent chance to Stun can be a fun way to go.

Relic Sub Stats

Look for SPD or ATK% on your Mui II Relic choice, and generally damage-based stats elsewhere across the board. Both C.RATE and C.DMG will help you add extra mayhem, while always looking for ATK% instead of ATK, as this will be a much bigger addition to the stat once you get up above about level 50. But do swap Relics in and out before then to see which is giving the most benefit to your total damage output. For battles against any team that buffs, making sure your ACC is above 80 percent is worthwhile – otherwise, Narmer’s buff steal is unlikely to trigger.

How To Play Narmer In Dislyte

While Narmer is a relatively simple Esper to build, you need to keep an eye on the Burning Sun build-up to use him to the greatest effect. This means he is slightly weaker in defensive PvP teams, where the AI is likely to trigger Emblazoned Strike when it's ready rather than when it’s maxed out. But he is still a great PvP Esper on either side. He is weak against Fafnir, but great against all other Ritual and Sonic Miracle bosses. Narmer is also a good addition to Shadowfire teams in the Desolate Lands, where he can do some real damage to those annoying Fiery Eye adds.

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