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Dislyte: How To Reroll

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  • What Do We Mean By Reroll?
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Dislyte is a gacha-style mobile game with a unique anime style. ou collect heroes called Espers into a fiver-person squad, and enter battles – either in story and challenge modes, or against other players.

The gacha-style hero selection, called spinning in Dislyte, means you rarely have much choice in which Esper you get. And with more than 70 Espers available, with a large variety in quality and play styles, you may not end up with the ones you need. Below, we discuss how to reroll if this happens to you – as well as looking at the pros and cons of rerolling.

What Do We Mean By Reroll?

There isn’t a simple way to reroll your spins in Dislyte. Some games let you reroll a hero pull for a price, but Dislyte doesn't. Unlike some other games, to reroll here essentially means resetting your account and starting again. You’ll lose all your progress up to that point, including all the items, relics, and Espers you’ve found – as well as story and challenge progress, alongside any guild you’ve joined. It’s a drastic measure. But in some cases, early on, it may well be worth it.

Why Would You Reroll in Dislyte?

To get spins in Dislyte, you need to collect Gold Records. You get these as rewards when completing story stages, challenges, and training – as well as from the various in-game stores. You can spin each time you get one or wait for ten to do a batch at once. But either way, each spin will get you a new rare (three-star – 90 percent chance), epic (four-star – nine percent) or legendary (five-star – one percent) esper.

As you can see, getting a legendary esper is extremely unlikely – and that’s the level at which you’ll find most of the best characters. However, after your first ten spins, you’re guaranteed a legendary esper as a bonus. After that, if you don’t get another in your next 119 spins, you’ll again be guaranteed a legendary hero.

Your first legendary esper is going to be either Li Ling or Tang Xuan:

  • Li Ling is considered one of the best and most reliable DPS espers in the game. He is generally rated as either SS or S-tier, and you’ll see him in a lot of high quality PvP squads.
  • Tang Xuan is also a DPS esper but is a little more specialised and not as highly regarded as Li Ling. He is generally ranked around the A-tier, so is highly capable if not top rate.

Your subsequent legendary espers could be any from a long list of possibilities – ranging from the best to some of the worst. See below for some top picks you may want to look out for when you get later legendary espers.

Most serious mobile gamers are going to want Li Ling in their roster. A good player will need less than an hour to get to 10 spins, so it’s not a big-time investment. However, this is always a random chance between the two – so you may need to reroll several times to get your esper of choice.

Why wouldn’t you reroll?

The choice to reroll is largely going to be defined by the type of mobile gamer you are. If you’re a casual gamer who will occasionally log in and just play for a bit of fun, there’s really no need. Just enjoy the game for what it is. Both Tang Xuan and Li Ling are good espers.

To reroll after your 119-spin legendary (if you get that far without getting one) takes a much more serious dedication to being the best. A bad second legendary can feel like a real kick in the teeth – but you’re likely to have 40-50 levels and a lot of hours invested at this point. You have to ask yourself; do you want to throw that all away for another completely random shot at a better legendary esper?

How To Reroll

When you’re in-game, go to your Character Profile’(the small image at the top left of the screen), then click the Settings tab at the bottom. If you’re sure – you can then take the following steps:

  1. Select the Services tab (in the middle of the top row)
  2. Look down to the Account Services section and click the Initialization button (note: you’ll need to have left your club, if you’ve joined one, before you can do this)
  3. You’ll be taken to a new screen and receive a code you now need to enter
  4. Click the Confirm button
  5. You’re now back to square one, so can start over. Good luck!

Who To Reroll For

When you do get your second legendary esper, and beyond, here are some to look out for. All of these are generally considered to be either SS or S-tier. And the only other espers that rank that high are only available through non-spin means (Fusion or Trial rewards):

  • Sally: Generally considered to be the best healer in Dislyte.
  • Lin Xiao: A fantastic DPS esper, often considered better even than Li Ling.
  • Clara: Another fantastic healer option.
  • Narmer: If you want a DPS nuker, Narmer is your guy.
  • Unas: The best support option if you want to build your squad for speed.

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