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Digimon Survive: How To Befriend Digimon

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One of the main draws of most monster-catching games is the ability to accrue a huge collection of teammates from the critters you encounter on your journey, and this remains true for Digimon games. Usually, you either catch them with certain items, hatch them from eggs, or purchase them from merchants.

Some games, however, will have you building your army through sheer force of will and charisma – and Digimon Survive is one of these games. Yes, in this game, your main method of taming Digimon is through having pleasant, successful conversations with them. Here's how to do that.

Partner Digimon Vs. Free Digimon

It's important to note, to begin with, that there are two different types of Digimon in Digimon Survive, partner digimon, and free digimon. Partner digimon are the digimon that stick around and appear during cutscenes; they are attached to one of the main human characters and are characters in their own right. Think of Takuma's Agumon or Minoru's Falcomon.

Partner digimon act like the digimon in the anime – they can digivolve but will always eventually revert back to their Rookie stage form. Sustaining their digivolutions in battle costs SP and can be triggered at will.

On the other hand, free digimon are recruited from the wild – through conversations during battle using the Talk command.

Not all digimon can be talked with. Certain digimon will not enter into conversations with you, sometimes the entire enemy party.

In addition, some characters – namely Shuuji and Ryo – cannot use the Talk command as they do not trust digimon.

Free digimon undergo evolution in a different fashion. Instead of being able to cycle through evolutions during battle, you must use certain items – Slabs of Enlightenment – to make them evolve. These evolutions are permanent and irreversible, and you can choose between a number of forms when making them evolve.

Think carefully before using a Slab of Enlightenment – they can be limited and are quite difficult to farm.

How To Befriend Digimon

In a battle against a digimon that you want to convince to your side, you can use the Talk command to enter a conversation with them. You can only use the Talk command when it's the turn of a partner digimon, not the turn of a free digimon.

Use the menu to select the opponent digimon that you want to talk to, and you'll be asked three questions in a row. A bar will appear above the digimon's head with six segments – you will need at least three of those segments to be filled if you want the conversation to be successful.

With every question asked of you, you'll be presented with four options. Digimon can either enjoy your responses, filling the bar up by one or two segments, or dislike them, emptying the bar. If you cannot end the conversation successfully, the digimon can get angry at you, receiving a damage buff. Failed conversations will prevent you from talking to that digimon again.

The answers to each question and how a digimon reacts remain the same no matter how many times you ask the same digimon species to talk. Make a note of which answers please the digimon and you'll eventually have a 100 percent foolproof way to succeed at conversations.

If the conversation is successful, however, you are presented with two choices. You can either attempt to recruit the digimon – something that can fail – or you can ask for an item. Asking for items after successful conversations is the only way to farm some of the best, rarest items in the game.

Rarer digimon and digimon of higher ranks will have lower base success chances when attempting to recruit them.

Your chances of success when recruiting a digimon will also depend on your Karma:

  • The higher your Moral level, the better chance you'll have at recruiting Vaccine-type digimon.
  • The higher your Wrathful level, the better chance you'll have at recruiting Virus-type digimon.
  • The higher your Harmony level, the better chance you'll have at recruiting Data-type digimon.

If you try to recruit a digimon and it fails, the digimon will disappear from battle. You'll get a very small amount of experience for succeeding at the conversation, however.

In addition, the maximum number of digimon you can have in your party is 120, and this number includes your partner digimon. Check the status menu to see how full your party is. You can also release digimon from this menu if you're worried that you've recruited too many.

The digimon that you face in Free Battles will cycle every time you have one, so it is a good idea to save before heading into a Free Battle with a digimon that you particularly desire. Alternatively, use the Retry function from the battle menu, which restarts the battle with no downsides.

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