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Diablo 3 – How To Farm Cultist Pages

The lore of Diablo 3 runs deep, and farming Cultist Pages is one way to learn more about the everlasting struggle between heaven and hell during a limited-time event, and is also a partial requirement to earn the Classic Angel portrait.

Diablo 3 Cultist Pages

As the name implies, the seven pages were written by an unnamed fanatical cultist follower after the death of Adria in the Reaper of Souls expansion. Throughout the Diablo 3 storyline you only see Adria as a false ally of the Nephalem before her ultimate betrayal, but her story begins long before, when she belonged to a small coven of witches in Westmarch, and it was there that she met and worked with Maghda.

Eventually Adria arrived in Tristram, and the events of the first Diablo game occurred shortly after. In Diablo 3 this is commemorated in The Darkening of Tristram event every January, and this is the only time that the Cultist Pages can be looted during the year.

How To Farm Cultist Pages

Once the event begins in January, you will be able to find Cultist Pages as loot that drops from Temporal Priests or Temporal Initiates. These mobs appear almost identical in design to Cultists but with grey coloring on their clothing. There is nothing else different or challenging about the mobs, so you should be able to take them out with ease.

These Temporal Priest packs will spawn once per bounty location, but Cultist Pages do not have any duplicate protection so it can take well over seven different mobs to find all the pages. Temporal Priests have been confirmed to spawn in all acts, and in places where you need to go anywhere to complete a bounty objective.

The most efficient way to farm Cultist Pages is to simply go about completing Bounties in Adventure mode since this will let you kill two birds with one stone. If we are lucky, this January’s Darkening of Tristram event will coincide with the start of a new Season, though Blizzard has not yet confirmed if the timing will match. If the timing works out, you will have no problem grabbing all seven Cultist Pages while also farming necessary components for Kanai’s Cube during the Seasonal ladder climb.

Rewards For Compiling All Seven Cultist Pages

Since the event is meant to commemorate the events of the first game, compiling all seven pages will award the “I sense a Soul in Search of Answers” achievement. Collecting all seven pages is also one of the two requirements to earn the Classic Angel portrait, the other requirement being that you defeat every Unique monster during the in-game event.

Although Diablo 3 often requires significant grinding to find the rarest gear, collecting all of the Cultist Pages is a snap, and if you are working on bounties during a Season, you will probably get them all without going out of your way.

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