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Devolver Digital’s Phantom Abyss Is Already A Top Seller On Steam

Devolver Digital published a brand new game into the echelons of Steam’s Early Access today. It’s called Phantom Abyss, and it’s already a top seller on the platform.

In fact, it’s number one in Steam’s Early Access already, and you can pick it up at a launch discount of 20% off at $19.99. That’s a whole coffee’s worth sliced from the price tag.

Phantom Abyss is the first game from Team WIBY and the premise is an asynchronous multiplayer jaunt where you have to hunt for relics amidst a procedurally generated temple. You can see the phantoms of other players and watch how they failed in their runs to get these relics, avoiding the same blunders. That’s handy as you can only see each temple once, so if you mess up, that’s it. You’re not getting back.

While you’re in these temples, you can find chests that hold keys that are used to get deeper into the temples for more relics. The end goal is to find the Legendary Relic so that you can “claim the whole temple.” Doing so, it’s gone for good. That’s the same as when you fail, only a touch more rewarding since you conquered it rather than it being the other way around.

There are treasures that add blessings to each run, whips that bring blessingsĀ andĀ curses, and codes that you can share to let your friends trial out the same temple that you’ve delved into. It’s a roguelike with a more communal feel.

One user review stated, “You play as Indiana Jones if he had more realistic luck.” Another added, “It’s fun watching new people that don’t know what they’re doing die, then dying yourself and feeling like an idiot.”

If you want another roguelike for the growing collection of 2021 releases alongside the likes of Griftlands, Loop Hero, and Returnal, then you can pick up Phantom Abyss right now.

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