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Deus Ex Randomiser Mod Includes Dark Souls-Inspired Death Markers

Souls games have a unique mechanic where you can watch how another player died by activating their bloodstain. You might see them roll off a cliff because of a deceptive message or get pummeled by a boss. It's so popular that one modder is taking it to Deus Ex in their randomiser mod with a similar feature.

This is all to celebrate Deus Ex's impending 22nd anniversary, with the randomiser mod now updated with two new major features—bingo and death markers (thanks, PC Gamer). The death markers are floating skulls that, when activated, tell you how and when a player died. There's even a Twitter account sharing the deaths. You might get called out, so make sure your deaths aren't too embarassing.

It's not the first time a developer or modder has been inspired by Souls' death markers. Nioh officially implemented its own death markers but, rather than seeing how a player died, you summon an NPC version of them to fight. Deus Ex is a little more helpful. You can see how a player died, possibly avoiding the same fate, but with it being a randomiser mod, not every death's info will be helpful.

As you'd expect from any randomiser mod, it changes start points, goals, enemies, keys, door strength, equipment, and more. If you fancy making Deus Ex fresh 20 years later and maybe even a little harder, this is the perfect mod for it.

And the new bingo feature will keep it even fresher as it adds new objectives to the menu that you can try to tick off on your run. These vary from playing basketball at the Hell's Kitchen court to killing off certain NPCs. Just be wary of any death markers. The court might not be as safe as it seems.

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