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Detroit: Become Human: How To Unlock All Of Connor’s Endings

Connor spends much of Detroit Become Human on the side of humanity as he's programmed to track down deviants. The benefit of his position is that, during this period of the game, Cyberlife keeps bringing him back from the dead. So, he's guaranteed to survive until the later stages of the story.

Yet, in the last few chapters, things get a bit more complicated for the android. He finds himself having to choose which side of the impending war he wants to join. This decision splits the final section into two paths containing multiple endings. Here's how to unlock them all.

Prematurely Decommissioned

The first chance for Connor's story to end comes in the Last Chance, Connor chapter. This occurs if you don't find the location of Jericho. There are two ways for this to happen:

  • If you don't have any deviant bodies to investigate because none have died in any of the previous chapters.
  • If you run out of time before finding the place.

When Connor gets decommissioned, he's gone from the game, and you continue the stories of the living protagonist(s).

Deviant Or Machine Choice

In the Crossroads chapter, you have to choose whether you become a deviant or stay as a machine. This moment comes during a conversation with either Markus or North. It's a decision that completely changes which ending path you take.

However, the option to become deviant only unlocks if your software is unstable enough. Throughout the game, your software instability will go up or down based on your choices. If you select more human or non-mission-focused dialogue choices, your instability will increase.

After you've picked a side, you'll be ready to go into the endgame.

Machine Endings

If you choose to stay as a machine (or don't make a choice in time), your mission will be to kill the deviant leader, whether it's Markus or North.

You begin the chapter on the Hart Plaza Rooftop aiming at the deviants. It's possible to die on the roof, but it's not a permanent death. Here are the actual endings for a machine Connor:

Connor Finds The Deviant Leader Dead

The one happens automatically if Markus and North die during the Battle of Detroit. As Connor, you don't have to do anything. You will just come across their bodies. It will still count as a successful mission, though.

Connor Stops The Deviant Leader During Violent Protest

If Markus chooses to attack the camp, machine Connor will eventually find him. You then select the character you want to control for the following QTE battle. To see this conclusion, you have to either win the fight as Connor or lose it as Markus.

Alternatively, if Markus or North is still alive later on, Connor will corner the survivor in a store. You get the chance to shoot the deviant leader or spare them. This situation can play out in a few ways:

  • If you choose to fire, you will kill them, but if it's Markus, he'll get the chance to detonate the bomb before shutting down.
  • If you choose to spare the leader, you will walk away, leaving them for dead. Markus does still get the chance to detonate the bomb, though.
  • If you don't decide, you and the deviant will shoot one another, killing each other instantly.

Whichever you choose, Connor succeeds in stopping the revolution.

Connor Kills Markus During The Peaceful Protest

During Markus's successful demonstration, Connor (aka you) will find himself in the crowd. You then have the option of shooting the deviant or not. Doing so means your mission is a success.

The other option is to spare him, prompting Amanda to take over your program and leave you in the Zen Garden. If you don't escape the place in time, Connor will kill Markus.

Connor Spares Markus During The Peaceful Protest

As Connor, during Markus's demonstration, you can decide to spare the deviant. However, Amanda will not be happy with your resistance. So, she tries to take control of your program and leave you in the Zen Garden.

If you head to the right and go towards the two lights, you will find an exit. By getting out in time, you regain control of Connor and watch the demonstration in peace.


After succeeding in your mission as machine Connor, you will meet Amanda again. She shows you the new RK900, which makes Connor obsolete, meaning he will be deactivated in the near future.

Deviant Endings

If you break your programming and become a deviant, your goal in the last chapter will be to release the androids at the Cyberlife Tower. If you make it through that, you will join the android protest. These are all the endings of this path:

Connor Is Killed By Cyberlife Security

The Cyberlife tower has plenty of security, and it's possible for them to kill you. If the elevator reaches level 31, a group of guards will gun you down. You can also be killed if you attack the guards in the elevator and fail to beat them

Even if you make it to floor -49, you can still be taken out by security. This is because they ambush you if you don't hack the camera. You have a chance to fight them off, but if you fail the QTE, they will shoot you to death.

Connor Is Killed By The New Connor

While you're attempting to wake up the androids, a new Connor will appear. If Hank's not there, the new Connor will shoot you instantly, which sends you to the ground. Then he'll kill you if you try to talk or stand. As a result, the androids won't wake up.

Alternatively, if Hank is there, he's being held hostage by the new Connor. You can save or sacrifice your partner. If you pick the latter, the androids will wake up later. Like before, the new Connor will shoot you, and then he'll kill you if you try to talk or stand.

Connors Kill Each Other

If Hank's not there or you choose to sacrifice him when he's a hostage, new Connor will fire a couple of bullets into you. When you're on the ground, you'll have a chance to draw your gun. If you do, you'll kill the new Connor before succumbing to your own wounds.

Connor Is Killed By Hank

When Hank's a hostage, you have a chance to save him. Choose the "save Hank" option, which leads to a scuffle between the new Connor and the hostage. Select "Interpose" to get into a fight with the new Connor.

Win the QTEs until Hank stops you both and asks you questions to figure out which is the real you. He asks for his dog (Sumo) and son's (Cole) names. If you get the answers wrong, he shoots you thinking you're the new Connor.

Connor Is Taken Over By Amanda

To reach this part, you must survive the Cyberlife section, which allows you to wake up the androids. You'll live by saving Hank and beating the new Connor in a fight, or switching bodies with the new Connor when you're down.

Afterward, you make it to the android protest, ready for Markus's speech. If he and North are dead, it's up to you to talk. Regardless of who is at the podium, Amanda brings you into the Zen Garden. She reveals that she's taking over your body.

If you're the leader, you have the option of suicide or giving up. When you select the latter, you allow Amanda to take control and end the android uprising.

If Markus is still in charge, Amanda will leave you in the Zen Garden, and if you don't escape in time, she'll make you kill him.

Connor Avoids Being Taken Over

While at the protest, when Amanda tries to take over your body, you can avoid it. As the leader, you have to choose suicide to disobey, whereas you automatically disobey if Markus is the leader.

Either way, she traps you in the Zen Garden. All you have to do is head right for a little bit until you find a blue switch. Hit it to regain control of your body, which saves Markus or allows you to seemingly kill yourself to stop Amanda.

Epilogue (Hank And Connor Embrace)

If you and Hank survive the whole ordeal, the two of you meet up in the epilogue and hug. To keep Hank alive, make sure he and Connor are close friends, choose to be a deviant, and don't sacrifice him when new Connor is holding him hostage.

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