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Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed – Weapon Guide

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Your methods of causing high-tech destruction and chaos in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed are many. Our wise-cracking agent of mayhem, Crypto Sporidium is one heavily armed agent of mayhem and there are a lot of tools in his arsenal.

However, as numerous as these playthings are, there's an instruction manuals worth of tips that are worth knowing.As an example, in the beginning, the process of gathering weapons can be a little slow and laborious. But to make things easier and breakdown what sort of weaponry the Furons are bringing to the fray, here's a helpful guide to weapons in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed.

How To Get New Weapons

Getting your hands on new guns in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed is pretty easy. As you progress through the story the game will hand them out to you at key points. Usually to help in a fight or deal with an obstacle that’s been placed in your way.

You start off with just one, and it’s highly recommended that you play through the 30-mission campaign as it’s the only way to get more deadly high-tech toys to mess around with. Worth noting though is that one weapon in particular isn’t unlocked through the story and requires quite a bit of legwork to get, we’ll expand on that in a moment. For now, if you want more guns, get burning through that campaign.

The Weapons

Fans of the original Destroy All Humans 2 will feel right at home in Reprobed as the classic arsenal that we all know and love has come back once again. Albeit with some extra texture polish.

These brightly colored weapons of mass destruction are equal parts weird and deadly, with no two being alike. They can all be upgraded to make them do more damage or add additional buffs to help you cause more anarchy. For those with an itchy trigger finger, here's every weapon in the game and what they do:


The first weapon you get at the start of the game, the Zap-O-Matic is a lightning-throwing beast that stops your target from moving as they jitter with electricity until they expire. Whilst low on damage in the beginning, it’s a reliable little close-quarter weapon that tracks the nearest target. So you don’t have to worry about aiming too much if you’re being overwhelmed by henchmen or monsters.

Its upgrade tree is where the weapon really shines through as you can increase how many targets the arcs of electricity chain to, making it perfect for groups of dudes. Plus, your new zappy friend doesn’t come with ammunition or the need to reload. Although it does take a few seconds to recharge its battery after use, but it’s so minor a time requirement that it’s barely noticeable.


It wouldn’t be sci-fi shlock without a disintegrator ray and this fireball spewing number in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed is a high-damage beast. With just a few shots it sets targets alight, and on death they turn into charred skeletons. These avant-garde statues stand there frozen in place in a hysterical Mars Attack-Esque way before crumbling to dust.

You get access to this deadly device pretty early on, and it’s a reliable backup if you’re looking to just deal damage and get on with your day. Its fireballs also loosely track targets and can be shot relatively quickly, but it does require ammunition. However, you can just use the matter converter to turn any nearby objects into ammo in a few seconds, so it’s not a massive downside.


Another firearm you get fairly early on, the Dislocator is a target-seeking nightmare that sends anyone it makes contact with bouncing off the walls, floor, and anyone unlucky enough to be nearby. Shots can be charged to make it bounce more often whilst also doing more damage making it perfect at pulverizing individual enemies. Although, its slow rate of fire makes it bad against groups.

However, what it excels at is turning vehicles into ricocheting projectiles that do more damage to their friends than to you. One fully charged shot can send a Police Car or Army vehicle soaring into the distance or detonate it against the asphalt. Shots also lock onto their targets, so you don’t have to worry about aiming too much, though the auto-targeting can be a bit finicky and won’t always latch onto what you’re intentionally aiming at so it can take a little practice.

Anal Probe

This is a weapon that doesn’t really need an introduction, The probe is an iconic piece of kit that’s been part of almost every game in the entire Destroy All Human series. When fired, it launches a long projectile that goes exactly where you think it does. Attached to this invasive round is a worryingly long green cable and after a few seconds, it detonates the target's head, releasing their brain stem for collection.

It’s great for harvesting DNA, removing Blisk parasites from humans later in the game and it has a normal and charged-up mode of fire. To swap between fire modes, just keep an eye on the laser lock-on as you’re aiming at a target before launching. If it goes green it’s fully charged and will also drop some ammunition after your victim's brain bursts in a spectacular gore-filled explosion.

Ion Detonator

The Ion Detonator is one of those weapons that doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but it gets the job done. It’s essentially an alien grenade launcher. It lets out a punishing blast wave that destroys anything caught up inside of it.

The projectiles come with a timed fuse, but you can also detonate them prematurely by tapping the fire button again. It’s good for air bursting over targets that might be hiding behind cover or if they’re about to leave the blast zone. Plus, if you can time it right, these grenades can be grabbed with your telekinetic abilities and thrown much further or with some more significant force at enemies.

Gastro Gun

If you’re in need of a helping hand, but can’t get anyone for co-op then the Gastro Gun is your next best option. This neat-looking launcher sends out a friendly drone that’s piloted by your old friend Gastro.

This little miniature UFO-looking object will hover near Crypto for a while. Keeping you company and blasting any hostiles that come close with flesh-searing lasers. At higher upgrades his shots become explosive, so it can make him quite the powerful bodyguard.

Meteor Strike

For those looking to completely annihilate a target, along with their frame rate, the Meteor Strike is going to be right up your alley. This seemingly small gun hides a massive orbital strike ability that has you mark an area with a laser before burning rocks from above come crashing down on top of it.

Worth noting about this weapon is that the area of effect is pretty wide. If you’re not careful you can easily catch yourself in your own downpour of meteoric damage. It’s best used at a distance against large groups that aren’t going to move anywhere anytime soon as it can take a few seconds for the fire from the sky to reach its destination.

Free Love

Free Love is where things get a little interesting and very odd. Though it’s technically not a weapon, this trendy little cyberpunk-looking visor sends out a rainbow beam of good vibes that immediately makes anyone in the vicinity start to dance. With enough people in its cone of influence, you can trigger a dance party temporarily.

It’s not deadly, but it does work as a great distraction tool if Crypto gets seen by humans and needs to escape before the Police and Army show up to try and destroy him. Plus, it’s the only weapon that can be fired whilst in body snatch mode. So it’s perfect for covering up botched snatches or for restoring your energy meter whilst hiding out inside a human host.

The Burrow Beast

One of the best and most time-consuming weapons to get in the game, the Burrow Beast in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed is definitely worth the investment. This little launcher-looking device fires out a lure, which summons a massive underground alien worm known as the Burrow Beast.

This voracious creature will attack anything within range of the lure, so it’s a really great fire and forget weapon. Plus, the lure can be moved around with Telekinesis or transmogrified into a large pile of ammunition if you’re short on rounds. To unlock it you need to find at least 30 Alien Artifacts and have finished all of the Cult Of Arkvoodle side missions. So it might take you a little while to get this one, but it’s definitely worth it for the ability to summon your own sandworm.

Weapon Tips

After getting your hands on a hoard of alien gadgets, you can unleash all sorts of flavors of doom upon those you see fit.

Whilst there's a large variety of multi-colored pain you can dish out, there are a few things worth knowing about these new toys. So to fill you in on a few things about the guns you might miss, here are some useful tips about your weapons in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed.

Don't Worry About Ammo

Unlike other open-world games where you’ll often need to constantly restock and resupply your ammunition either on the fly or at stores before missions, with DAH2, it’s not something you really should worry about. The majority of your weapons will either recharge on their own or restock themselves after kills. So you’ll rarely find yourself holding an empty gun.

Though there are weapons that require ammo in Cryptos arsenal, to refill them you just have to use the Transmogrifier on nearby objects. This will convert whatever matter it warps into ammo for your guns. So don’t be afraid to fire your blasters as often as you can as conserving ammo isn’t really an issue here.

Aiming Can Get In The Way

Though it may sound counter-intuitive, taking time to expertly aim your shots in DAH2: Reprobed is not really worth your time. Though there is a small zoom that can help you focus on your target, you’re often better off just hip-firing wildly in the vague direction of what you want to turn into a burning pile of ash and scrap metal.

The majority of weapons in the game either will directly tag onto a target, have a massive AOE, or will home in once they get close to whatever you’re aiming at. So it’s often much more efficient to wade into an arena blasting. Or soar overhead on your jetpack carpet bombing anyone that’s within range.

Upgrade Often

One of the best tips you can take away from this guide is that you should upgrade your weapons as often as you possibly can. As you go through the story the types of enemies you’re going to be facing off against will scale pretty quickly in terms of difficulty and toughness. If you keep your gear at its most basic level, you’re going to hit a brick wall pretty quickly.

After a while, your damage is going to plateau and against some enemies, you may as well be plinking spitballs off them. So check your upgrade options often. Or if you don't have the resources to cover the cost, spend some time grinding up what they need as a little damage boost or extra enhancement is always worthwhile.

Weapon Damage Isn’t Universal

One thing worth knowing early on that the game won’t really tell you is that not all of your weapons will work on certain targets. There are going to be a few enemies later on that can shrug off your energy blasts like it’s nothing at all.

It’s not something you’ll be aware of until it happens as for most of the early game you’re fighting against humans. But once they start throwing tanks, robots, and radioactive glob vomiting aliens in your direction, it’s easy to get cut down fast. A good tip is to rotate what you’re using, and see if it does damage, if not, swap to something else.

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