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Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Will Bring Enhanced Weapon Perks In Witch Queen Expansion

Yesterday’s Witch Queen video documentary brought a slew of new details about the coming expansion, including the reworked Void 3.0 abilities and the theme of Season 16. But it also revealed subtle clues about what to expect in the new crafting system that will let Guardians create their own perfect weapons.

One of those details was on-screen for just a brief moment, but people noticed. On the crafting screen, players were treated to a list of icons to familiar perks, including Subsistence, Feeding Frenzy, Grave Robber, and Threat Detector. These perks will be the ones first available for crafted weapons, but beside them are the same icons with a similar golden border to masterwork weapons and armor.

Thanks to a Witch Queen preview event, we now know these yellow-border icons to be Enhanced versions of classic weapon perks. As the name implies, these perks will offer increased performance over their classic counterparts, although by how much remains unclear.

Obtaining Enhanced Perks requires that the player unlock the classic perks first using the new weapon crafting system. As described by Bungie previously, this involves first finding the pattern for the weapon and then using Deepsight to find Deepsight Resonant weapons. Those weapons then must be used to extract materials and perks. Once that's done, leveling up a weapon crafted with the desired perk will unlock the Enhanced version once it's been maxed out.

There's are still a lot of details missing from weapon crafting, but at this point, we'll likely have to experience it for ourselves when Witch Queen arrives.

A few more details were revealed in this Witch Queen preview event, such as Mars returning as an outpost destination similar to the Farm. There will also be a brand new Legendary Kinetic Fusion Rifle, the first of its kind.

Season 16 and The Witch Queen arrive in Destiny 2 on February 22.

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