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Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer: How To Gild The Dredgen Title

Some of Destiny 2’s titles have the ability to be gilded. A gilded title will display under your name with gold text instead of purple, also displaying how many times you’ve gilded the title. This system allows the most hardcore of Destiny players to show off their skill and dedication to a core playlist.

In Season of the Splicer, players can gild the Dredgen, Conqueror, Flawless, and Unbroken titles. Out of the bunch, Dredgen is arguably the easiest title to gild. You’ll need to live and breathe Gambit to complete some of these Triumphs, but most of them are focused on playtime rather than incredible feats of skill. If you’ve never gilded a title before, this is a good place to start.

Note: This article is about gilding your Dredgen title, not earning the default title. If you don’t own the Dredgen title, read out Dredgen title guide.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins: Win 50 Gambit matches.

Gold Coins is one of the most time-intensive Triumphs out of the bunch. Playing 50 Gambit matches is a massive time sink, but winning 50 games can take significantly longer.

If you aren’t scrambling to gild the Dredgen title, it’s best to focus on other Triumphs first. Focus on increasing your Infamy rank, land Fusion Rifle final blows, and try to complete the Good Company Triumph before you start to worry about wins.

Assuming you did these things but still need Gambit wins, here are a few tips:

  • Get a fireteam together: Communicating with a pre-made team drastically improves your odds of winning.
  • Invade: If you’re a lone wolf, Invade! Invasions can make or break Gambit matches. Bring a good Sniper Rifle or Heavy weapon to land a few kills each Invasion.

Good Company

Good Company: Win 10 matches where you banked the most Motes across both teams, didn’t die, or dealt the most damage to all combatant types.

For clarity, the Triumph only requires that you complete one of the three conditions listed. In a Gambit match, you’ll need to complete one of the three objectives:

  • Bank the most Motes across both teams.
  • Don’t die.
  • Deal the most damage to all combatants.

All three of these objectives are tough to pull off, especially if you’re playing Gambit solo. The third objective, dealing the most damage to combatants, is your best bet if you’re winning matches. Use a build that utilizes Warmind Cells and a high-damage Heavy weapon, and you should be able to complete this objective every time you win a Gambit match. The same strategy applies to the first objective: banking more Motes than every other player in the match.

A more consistent approach would be to follow the second objective: don’t die. That’s much easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of dying:

  • Don’t Invade: This should be self-explanatory.
  • Avoid Motes: If you have a large sum of Motes when an Invader shows up, there’s a good chance you’ll be the first person to die.
  • Use Defensive Mods: Concussive Dampaners on your chest and the Protective Light mod give a massive amount of damage resistance.


Infamous: Reset your Infamy this Season.

Infamous asks that you rest your Infamy rank once during Season of the Splicer. Reaching 15,000 Infamy is required to reset your rank. Fortunately, Bungie changed the Win Streak bonus for Gambit in Season 14 that gives you slightly more Infamy than in previous Seasons. This should make resetting your rank slightly easier than before, although it’ll still be a massive time sink.

To speed this up:

  • Grab bounties: Daily bounties give a small amount of Infamy when completed.
  • Maintain a Win Streak: The higher your Win Streak is, the more Infamy you’ll earn after winning a Gambit match.
  • Take breaks: Paradoxically, taking breaks will make this grind seem much faster. Break up your Gambit play sessions over a few days or weeks. Trying to obtain 15,000 Infamy in a single day will burn even the most diehard Destiny fan out.

Get Out

Get Out: Defeat 5 Invaders in Gambit this Season.

Invaders are opposing Guardians that have entered your world, attempting to kill you to deny Motes or heal the Primeval. You’ll need to kill five of these Invaders.

Killing an Invader is much easier than it sounds. You only need two things:

  1. A Sniper Rifle
  2. Map awareness

As for the second point, the Invader can only spawn in predetermined locations. There’s a spawn point at each wave location, meaning Invaders have three potential spawn points. The game will tend to spawn the Invader where your team isn’t near. For example, if your team is on the left and right parts of the map, the Invader will almost always spawn at the middle wave spawn point.

Once you figure out where the Invader is at, use a Sniper Rifle or a Heavy weapon (if you have ammo) to take them out. They have wallhacks, so don’t be shy. Aggression will get you more kills than slowly peak-shooting.

Death Heals Primeval

Death Heals Primeval: Defeat 25 Guardians as an Invader.

Defeating 25 Guardians as an Invader is much easier than it sounds. Remember, Invaders have a powerful overshield and wallhacks at their disposal when they arrive. You’ll have the upper hand against any 1v1 gunfight you start or are forced into.

Try not to engage the entire enemy team at once. Splitting up a 1v4 fight into multiple 1v1 fights is preferred. You can do this by utilizing cover to block sightlines with other players. A good Super or a Heavy weapon works too.

For most players, the best strategy will be to bring a good Heavy weapon and a Sniper Rifle. Use the wallhacks to help you pre-aim with your Sniper Rifle. If enemies are out in the open, feel free to use your Heavy or a Super. A Heavy brick will spawn beside the Invasion portal when the portal is charged. Remember to grab it before you hop through the portal.

If you’re struggling with entering the portal in the first place, try to get a fireteam together before you play Gambit. Being able to tell your fireteam that you’ll be Invading should give you many more opportunities to Invade.


Triggerhold: Land 100 Fusion Rifle final blows in Gambit.

The Fusion Rifle final blows can be against PvE enemies or Guardians. If you own it, Vex Mythoclast is excellent for getting this challenge done. It uses Primary ammo yet counts as a Fusion Rifle, allowing you to get this done in one or two games.

If you don’t own the Vex Mythoclast, here are a few good Fusion Rifles for this Triumph:

  • Null Composure: This season’s ritual weapon. Comes with Feeding Frenzy and Reservoir Burst. If you don’t have it, read our Null Composure guide.
  • Plug One.1: Obtained from Nightfalls, this is a Precision Fusion Rifle with excellent perks. It can roll with Reservoir Burst, Kickstart, or Cornered.
  • Telesto: Telesto is the besto, especially with the Warmind’s Decree Artifact mod.
  • Jotunn: A counter to PvE majors and Invaders in one package.

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