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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Takes Guardians On A Pirate Adventure

After quite a few leaks, Destiny 2 has finally set sail on its Season 18 journey. Called Season of Plunder, the newest Destiny 2 season will have Guardians assemble a crew to fight Fallen pirates across the solar system.

In Season of Plunder, Eramis has escaped from her icy prison and has decided to enact her revenge against the Guardians by going from intergalactic warlord to pirate captain. She's conscripted rogue Cabal units too, making her a double threat to the City.

To fight back, Guardians will assemble a crew including Spider, Mithrax, Eido, and the Drifter, who seems somewhat excited about getting back into space and doing some raiding.

The pirate theme doesn't stop at Season of Plunder's story. There's pirate-themed armor to collect, weapons like flintlock pistols, blunderbusses, and rapiers to find, and three new activities that will definitely let you swash some buckles.

The first new activity is Ketch Crash, and as the name implies, it involves shooting yourself out of a cannon at a Fallen Ketch (which is hardly a first for Guardians). Next is Expedition, an activity where you guide a massive drill in search of buried pirate treasure. Finally, Pirate Hideouts will lead you to pirate lords who've stashed ancient darkness relics. We're not sure what they do, but Eramis wants them, and that's enough to want to grab them first.

Along with the new story comes the third and final Light subclass refresh. Arc 3.0 was described in detail last week, but nothing beats seeing all the new Arc abilities in action, which the trailer above does so well. Hunter's get a new Arc super that launches an Arc spear into the ground that starts sparking like a giant tesla coil, and Titans get a new Melee that lets them charge up a massive fist that clear an entire room of enemies.

King's Fall was finally confirmed as the returning Destiny 1 raid, which arrives on August 26. That's a Friday, so those looking to compete in the World First Raid will need to book that day off work. Like Vault of Glass, expect a few new surprises as Bungie promises a "remade and refreshed" raid.

This week also sees Destiny 2's first free week, where every expansion is free to try all week long. There's also a Gift of the Thunderlord available to everyone, which includes two Exotics and 10 Legendaries to get new players up to speed. Season of Plunder starts today.

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