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Destiny 2 Reveals Mech-Themed Armor For Upcoming Festival Of The Lost

In just a few days, Destiny 2 will begin its annual Festival of the Lost event, the Halloween-themed spectacle that has Guardians don scary masks to collect candy in various activities. It's also the year when the best cosmetic armor sets get released, and this year's set is pretty special.

As chosen by the players last spring, Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost armor ornaments for 2022 are all mecha themed. Mechs beat out movie monsters for the second year with 52 percent of the vote, leaving movie monsters to languish for yet another year.

We got a teaser image in April, but this first official image makes clear Bungie's inspiration for the mecha suits. That Titan sure does look a lot like Optimus Prime and a Gundam had a baby, while the Hunter seems to combine Evangelion's Eva units with a little bit of Ultraman. The Warlock skin is definitely giving some Macross and Pacific Rim vibes.

As with previous years, expect to get the Festival of the Lost skin for Bright Dust or Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency, in the Eververse.

Festival of the Lost begins on October 18 and is expected to last for three weeks. That’s a little bit later than last year’s Festival of the Lost, but it will certainly overlap with Halloween, which is the important bit. No other info has been released on this year’s exclusive weapon or updated event activity, but the most recent TWAB confirmed that masks will return. That means Eva is likely to arrive in the Tower offering treats and quests for Guardians to unlock those masks. Candy is also likely to be involved somehow.

Expect more information to be released with today’s TWAB.

Happening at the same time as Festival of the Lost is an unofficial fashion contest over on the Destiny Fashion subreddit. Guardians can submit their unique designs with “Fashion Entry” in the title to enter the contest. The theme of the contest is costumes based on Exotic weapons, which include ornaments as well. Entries will be accepted until October 31, with the winner receiving a free copy of Lightfall or a cash equivalent.

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