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Destiny 2: How To Earn The Iron Lord Title

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  • Jolder's Victory
  • Gunnora's Seal
  • Orimund's Taste
  • Orewing's Spirit
  • Frostmire's Will
  • Crimil's Dedication
  • Jorun's Howl

Iron Banner received a major rework during Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted. Rift returned, reprised weapons expanded the loot pool, and a new title was added for hardcore players to chase. Named Iron Lord, this title will require dozens of hours of grind to earn.

Iron Lord is one of Destiny 2's tougher titles to earn, mainly due to the time constraint of earning it. You have two chances to earn this title each season, and some Triumphs will require a few hours of grinding to finish. This guide will go over all seven Triumphs for Iron Lord and the best ways of completing them.

Jolder's Victory

Jolder's Victory: Win matches in the Iron Banner playlist across all events and seasons.

This Triumph is retroactive.

Jolder's Victory requires you to win 100 matches in the Iron Banner. This Triumph tracks your total wins across all seasons, including those before Season of the Haunted. Winning 100 games of Iron Banner can be a major grind, especially during seasons where Iron Banner's game type is Rift.

Here are a few tips to make winning matches a little easier:

  • Stick to your team: Playing with teammates makes it much easier to capture zones or deposit Sparks. Support builds go a long way.
  • Get a group together: Iron Banner is far easier with a pre-made fireteam. Use LFG services or find a clan that's willing to run Iron Banner with you.
  • Play your life: Assume that you only have one life. Respawn timers are incredibly long in Iron Banner. One death can cost your team the round.

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Gunnora's Seal

Gunnora's Seal: Acquire Iron Banner armor. Each armor piece must be unique to count towards the total.

This Triumph is retroactive.

You'll need to obtain 15 pieces of unique Iron Banner armor to complete this Triumph. Unfortunately, if you didn't play Iron Banner in previous seasons, it is impossible to finish this Triumph. You can only obtain five unique pieces of armor this season. Simply complete Iron Banner games and redeem Iron Banner Engrams for a chance of obtaining this season's armor set.

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Orimund's Taste

Orimund's Taste: Acquire Iron Banner weapons. Each weapon must be unique to count towards the total.

This Triumph is retroactive.

Obtain 15 unique Iron Banner weapons to finish this Triumph. While previous weapons count, there currently aren't enough unique Iron Banner weapons for a newcomer to finish this challenge. Any weapon tied to Saladin's Iron Banner Engrams and focusing system count towards your weapon total. If you only need a few more weapons for this Triumph, decode Iron Banner Engrams and claim this season's Wizened Rebuke and Hero's Burden weapons from Saladin's reward track.

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Orewing's Spirit

Orewing's Spirit: Earn points by completing objectives in Iron Banner playlist modes.

Orewing's Spirit is the grindiest Triumph of the bunch, requiring you to earn 300 points in the Iron Banner. You earn points from the following:

  • Picking up the Spark (+1)
  • Assist in defeating a Spark carrier (+1)
  • Defending your Spark carrier (+1)
    • This one is inconsistent and doesn't always grant progress
  • Dunking the Spark (+5)
  • In laymen's terms, you'll want to be picking up the Spark whenever you get a chance. Defending your Spark carrier doesn't give much progress, so you're better off grabbing the Spark yourself to dunk it. Bring a loadout that enhances your movement, play with your team, and you should be able to get this done during a week of play. Try to play with a group, as this lets you communicate and ensure you always grab the Spark.

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    Frostmire's Will

    Frostmire's Will: Complete Iron Banner challenges.

    Frostmire's Will requires that you complete 12 Daily Challenges in the Iron Banner. Daily Challenges refer to the Pinnacle Gear challenge listed in the Director. This challenge typically asks you to complete Iron Banner matches with a certain subclass element. This season, you'll need to finish matches with a Solar or Void subclass. As the name implies, these challenges rotate daily and are per character.

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    Crimil's Dedication

    Crimil's Dedication: Reset Iron Banner Rank.

    To complete this Triumph, you'll need to reset your Iron Banner Rank twice in a given season. Similar to all other reputation systems, you'll need to reach a rank of Legend (10,000 points) to reset. Unlike those systems, your reputation gains are directly tied to the gear you're using. The more Iron Banner-themed items you're using, the more reputation you'll earn. For more information on how Iron Banner Ranks work, check out our Iron Banner guide.

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    Jorun's Howl

    Jorum's Howl: Complete Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armor. Earn additional progress for each piece of Iron Banner armor equipped.

    Completing matches with any Iron Banner gear equipped will make progress towards this Triumph. Weapons, armor, and transmog skins all count. This Triumph doesn't have a specific match requirement, but you'll need to complete at least 30 games with a full loadout of Iron Banner gear, likely more. Our only advice is to take full advantage of transmog to help progress this Triumph.

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