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Destiny 2: How To Earn The Disciple-Slayer Title

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  • Vow Of The Disciple Badge
  • Vow Of The Disciple Raid Clear Triumphs
  • Swift Destruction
  • On My Go
  • Base Information
  • Handle With Care
  • Defenses Down
  • Glyph To Glyph
  • Looping Catalyst
  • Symmetrical Energy
  • Pyramid Conqueror
  • Secrets Of The Sunken Pyramid
  • "Vow Of The Disciple" Lore Book

Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion brought three new titles for players to chase. Guardians can work towards earning the Gumshoe, Risen, and Disciple-Slayer titles by completing certain Triumphs and challenges. Out of the three, most hardcore PvE players have their sights set on Disciple-Slayer—Vow of the Disciple's raid title.

Disciple-Slayer is one of the easiest raid titles to earn. Players will need to clear the raid multiple times and demonstrate mastery with multiple classes, yet this raid features some of the easiest challenges and most relaxed raid badges we've seen in quite some time. Here is a complete guide on how to earn Destiny 2's Disciple-Slayer title.

Vow Of The Disciple Badge

Vow of the Disciple Badge: Obtain all items from the Vow of the Disciple raid.

You do not need Collective Obligation—Vow of the Disciple's Exotic weapon—to finish the raid badge.

You'll need to obtain 15 items from Vow of the Disciple to complete this badge. There are six weapons, an armor set, and four cosmetic rewards you'll need to earn. Each item and its drop source can be found below.

NameItem TypeSource
Gouging LightSparrowMaster Difficulty
Imperious Sun ShellGhostFind All Collectibles
Light of the Dark SunEmblemClear The Raid
Echoed AngerShaderFind Both Hidden Chests
NameItem TypeSource
Lubrae's RuinGlaiveRhulk
SubmissionSMGAcquisition | Caretaker | Exhibition
CataclysmicLinear Fusion RifleAcquisition | Caretaker
InsidiousPulse RifleCaretaker | Rhulk
ForbearanceGrenade LauncherCaretaker | Rhulk
DeliveranceFusion RifleAcquisition | Exhibition
NameItem TypeSource
Resonant Fury HelmHelmetEvery Encounter
Resonant Fury ArmsArmsAcquisition | Exhibition
Resonant Fury ChestChestCaretaker | Rhulk
Resonant Fury BootsBootsAcquisition | Exhibition
Resonant Fury Class ItemClass ItemCaretaker | Rhulk

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Vow Of The Disciple Raid Clear Triumphs

Vow of the Disciple includes multiple Triumphs that involve completing encounters with certain conditions. These include completing runs with a fireteam of the same class, subclass element, or by completing a Master run. Here are all of the clear-related Triumphs tied to this title:

  • Vow of the Disciple: Complete the "Vow of the Disciple" raid.
  • Master Difficulty "Vow of the Disciple": Complete the "Vow of the Disciple" raid on Master difficulty.
  • Clan Fieldtrip: Complete the "Vow of the Disciple" raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.
  • Together In The Deep: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.
  • Dark Charge: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses.
  • Dark Flame: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses.
  • Dark Abyss: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.

The class and subclass Triumphs are tracked on a per-encounter basis, meaning you can make progress on each across multiple runs. To make the subclass Triumphs easier, switch to the subclass in question before the encounter ends. For example, to complete the Dark Abyss challenge for Caretaker, have everyone switch to Void subclasses just before the final DPS check.

As for the completion Triumphs, you'll need to defeat Rhulk to receive credit. Clan Fieldtrip requires all six fireteam members to be in the same clan. You can join or create a clan on Bungie.net.

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Swift Destruction

Swift Destruction: In the Acquisition encounter, all three Unstoppable Abominations must be killed in short succession.

This is a rotating challenge.

Throughout the first encounter, each side will have an Unstoppable Abomination spawn. You must wait until all three sides have a Champion, then each side must kill their respective Champion simultaneously. You have a small grace period between each kill. The first two sides that get their Champions will need to stunlock their Abomination until all three sides are ready.

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On My Go

On My Go: Only kill Abated Adherents when they've started attacking an Obelisk in Acquisition.

This challenge can be attempted at any time.

On My Go is incredibly buggy and arguably the hardest challenge for earning Disciple-Slayer. For this challenge, you may only kill the Abated Adherents while they're damaging the Obelisk. They must be physically attacking the Obelisk or the challenge fails; text prompts are unreliable. Expect to fail this challenge a few times.

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Base Information

Base Information: In the Caretaker encounter, you may only grab one icon at a time.

This is a rotating challenge.

Each runner in the Caretaker encounter may only grab one icon/Darkness Shard at a time. The number of runners you have is not restricted, and each runner can grab any icon they wish. To speed up this challenge, assign three or four players as runners.

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Handle With Care

Handle With Care: Defeat the Caretaker while having every member of your fireteam stun it at least once per floor.

This challenge can be attempted at any time.

Players get credit for stunning the Caretaker upon damaging its back, not its face. The simplest way to complete this challenge is to assign players into pairs, rotating pairs when they've stunned the Caretaker twice. When all players have stunned the boss, you can cleanse the Obelisk and start the DPS phase. Rinse and repeat until you've beaten the encounter.

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Defenses Down

Defenses Down: In the Exhibition encounter, each player may only kill one Taken Knight.

This is a rotating challenge.

Taken Knights extend the wipe timer in the third encounter. Since the Leviathan Crystal must be used to kill them, you'll need to swap the relic with new players for each room. Seven Knights are present, so you'll need to skip one. A thorough breakdown of how to complete this challenge can be found in our Vow of the Disciple challenges guide.

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Glyph To Glyph

Glyph To Glyph: Kill each set of Glyphkeepers in Exhibition within 5 seconds of each other.

This challenge can be attempted at any time.

Glyphkeepers are the majors that display three symbols when slain. You must spawn both Glyphkeepers and kill them within a few seconds of each other. Simply call out when your Glyphkeeper is ready to be killed. This shouldn't take more than a few tries for most groups.

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Looping Catalyst

Looping Catalyst: During the first half of the Rhulk encounter, your fireteam cannot lose the Leeching Essence buff.

This is a rotating challenge.

Complete the encounter as normal. If you lose the Leeching Essence buff, Rhulk will spawn a crystal above his head, failing the challenge. Losing the buff upon starting the DPS phase does not fail this challenge.

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Symmetrical Energy

Symmetrical Energy: Any energy deposited in Dominion must be accompanied by another deposit within 5 seconds.

This challenge can be attempted at any time.

Symmetrical Energy's in-game description isn't clear, so let's rephrase it: you must cleanse two totems at a time. You have a five-second grace period between each dunk. You don't need to cleanse all six totems in 30 seconds; the challenge is just asking you to cleanse two of the six totems at once. Split the Leeching Force buff twice, buff both Leeching players, then have each player dunk at the correct totem. Rinse and repeat. Our Vow of the Disciple challenges guide goes more in-depth about how this challenge works and how to best complete it.

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Pyramid Conqueror

Pyramid Conqueror: Complete all encounter challenges on Master difficulty.

Master difficulty includes more Champions, Match Game, and enemies at 1,580 Power. Match Game is the only modifier that proves to be troublesome. Coordinate with your fireteam to have a counter to all three shield types, the prominent ones being Solar and Void. Alternatively, have two players run Arbalest or Dead Messenger to deal with shields. As for the Champions, bring a counter to at least one type (Overload or Unstoppable).

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Secrets Of The Sunken Pyramid

Secrets of the Sunken Pyramid: Loot hidden chests in the "Vow of the Disciple" raid.

Vow of the Disciple features two hidden chests for players to find. The first one can be opened solo, while the second one is found during the raid's platforming section. The resonance chest does not count for this Triumph.

Hidden Chest #1

During the barge escort section, you must destroy three Darkness Shards scattered across the arena.

  1. In a corner beside a fallen tree.
  2. At the end of a paved road, resting in a corner.
  3. Under a bridge the barge must fly over.

Once you've destroyed all three shards, turn around from shard #3 and head to the building at the very end of the map. Head inside to find the chest.

Hidden Chest #2

During the second platforming section—just before the part with rotating cylinder platforms—head in the opposite direction. You'll eventually jump onto a few horizontal support beams that lead to a gap in the left-hand wall, leading to a chest.

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"Vow Of The Disciple" Lore Book

"Vow of the Disciple" Lore Book: Unlock the "Vow of the Disciple" raid book.

Lore pages may be obtained from the raid itself or the Preservation mission.

Shattered Suns is this raid's lore book, consisting of ten pages. Five pages are unlocked by inputting the correct code in Vow of the Disciple's "wishing room." This room is located just before the first encounter, consisting of dozens of images you can interact with. You'll find the final five pages in the Preservation mission, located directly under Vow of the Disciple on your Directory.

When you enter the wishing room, head right and look for a gap in the wall that isn't barred off. Jump through it and turn around. You'll see a small wall with multiple symbols. The bottom four symbols are what you care about. The location of each symbol determines the order and manner in which you input the code:

  • First Symbol: Melee
  • Second Symbol: Melee
  • Third Symbol: Interact
  • Fourth Symbol: Shoot

Once you've obtained a lore book, reload the raid or Preservation mission to repeat this process four more times. We'll have a guide on where to find the Preservation lore books in the future. For now, follow Esoterickk's lore book locations video for directions on where to find them.

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