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Destiny 2 Guardian Games release date, weekly reset time and rules

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is about to launch the Guardian Games for 2023. Releasing as part of the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset, the 2023 Guardian Games have a 6pm BST UK launch time on the afternoon of May 2. The 2023 Guardian Games will run all the way until the end of the current season on May 23. According to Bungie, the next Guardian Games will feature a selection of new and returning game modes, as well as a class-based matchmaking system in which full teams of a single class face-off.

Bungie explains more: “This year, we’re delivering new additions to the event and bringing back some classics, including the Supremacy PvP mode first introduced in 2016. Go collect those crests, Guardians!

“This year’s Guardian Games will feature the new class-based matchmaking system, where full teams of a single class type face off.”

In order to win the Guardian Games, you’ll need to deposit Medallions in your podium. The class that deposits the most Medallions will be crowned winner for the day, followed by the week, and then the event.

Players can earn low-tier Medallions during Gambit and Quickplay Crucible matches, as well as anything from the Vanguard playlists, most Neptune activities and Defiant Battlegrounds. 

If you want Gold and Platinum Medallions, you’ll need to play Nightfalls, raids, dungeons, Competitive Crucible, Trials of Osiris, or Legend Defiant Battlegrounds.

Contender Cards also award Gold Medallions. Bungie explains more: “You can only carry two Contender Cards at a time: one for strikes and Gambit and another one focused on the Crucible.

“Platinum Cards award Platinum Medallions, and those cost 1500 Glimmer each. Just like Contender Cards, you can carry two of these at a time: one for strikes and Gambit and one for Crucible.”

As part of the Guardian Games, Bungie will also bring back the Title Void SMG, complete with new perks.

Meanwhile, the new featured Guardian Games weapon is the Taraxippos, which is described as the first Legendary Strand Scout Rifle. 

Finally, the Guardian Games Cup is back and open to all players.

“Register your team and compete to dunk the most Medallions, raise money for some great causes, and win truly special rewards,” Bungie explains.

“Prizes for the top teams across two categories include custom team artwork, Guardian Games pendants, the Apricot Dawn emblem, and more. Visit the Guardian Games Cup page for more information on how to get started.”

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