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Destiny 2 Game Director Addresses Fan Unrest Over Seasonal Burnout

The current state of Destiny 2 is not something Bungie expected it to be in, but here we are nonetheless. The community is unhappy with how the seasons progress following the launch of yearly DLC, and several players are also now voicing their opinions. In response to this, Destiny 2’s game director, Joe Blackburn has addressed this growing unrest on Twitter.

Blackburn acknowledged the dissatisfaction in the community and said that the team has “Heard loud and clear on the feedback with our current seasonal backbones”. He assured that there will be some drastic changes in the seasonal pursuit with the Lightfall DLC in 2023, but it will take the team some time to work on the feedback provided.

Blackburn also mentioned that the team is excited to take more risks with the seasonal content. While he did mention that big changes are coming, he also said, “There's still novelty, thematic variety, and new ways to progress your character coming to Destiny over the next several months”. Lastly, he assured players that while the team is working to improve the seasonal content pursuit, the current feedback is not falling on deaf ears.

One of the reasons Blackburn had to come out and address this is because of a video posted by popular Destiny YouTuber, Gladd, where he basically says how the content of the game has become monotonous. This in turn has started a dialogue in the community where players seem to agree with most of the points made in the video. While there are a lot of positive takes on the current season as well, the overarching idea that the video conveyed is that Destiny 2 feels more like a job.

Thankfully, Bungie is aware that its current system isn’t really sustainable in the long run and will hopefully overhaul it when Lightfall releases in February 2023.

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