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Destiny 2: Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Grandmaster Nightfall Guide

It’s the fourth week of Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. Last week, we had one of the hardest Grandmaster Nightfalls in the game – Proving Grounds, which was added in the game in Season of the Chosen. One of the major incentives for players to the farm last week’s strike was the new Adept version of The Palindrome hand cannon, which was introduced this season as well, along with the double Nightfall rewards.

This week, we have Fallen S.A.B.E.R. for the Grandmaster Nightfall. Compared to Proving Grounds, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. is a walk in the park. However, there are some areas in this strike that are still a bit challenging. For instance, the final boss room. As always, in order to play these Grandmaster Nightfall strikes, you need to be Power Level 1325. Below, you can find everything from recommended mods, exotic armor, the featured weapon, to a complete walkthrough for the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. GM nightfall strike.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Grandmaster Nightfall Reward

The SWARM (Adept) machine gun is back this week. Last time, it was available in the first GM nightfall released in the game. This machine gun was added in Destiny 2 with the release of Season of the Chosen. For players, who are going for the normal version of this weapon would need to complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Nightfall strike (not the Grandmaster version).

As for the random rolls on this weapon, below are some you should keep an eye out when grinding GM Nightfalls:

  • Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind, and Vorpal Weapon
  • Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Outlaw, and Dragonfly
  • Chambered Compensator, Appended Mag, Surplus, and One for All


Modifiers for this week’s Grandmaster Nightfall can be found below:

  • Arach-No!: When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet.
  • Overload Champions: Requires Overload mod.
  • Barrier Champions: Requires Anti-Barrier mod.
  • Chaff: Radar is disabled.
  • Contest Mode
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Extra Shields
  • Equipment Locked: Players can’t change their loadout and abilities once the Nightfall has started.
  • Extinguish: If your Fireteam dies in a Restricted Zone, you will return to orbit.
  • Limited Revives: You have limited revives but defeating champions will grant you more revives.
  • S.A.B.E.R. Protocol: Incoming Solar and environmental damage increased.

Exotic Armor

Now, let’s talk about the exotic armor pieces. For Warlocks, you can run either defense or offensive. For Defense strat, you need to run with Well of Radiance with Phoenix Protocol chest armor. However, if you’re aiming to run-n-gun the whole strike, running with Chaos Reach with Geomag Stabilizers would be optimal here.

Hunters have two choices, as well. You can either run with its Stasis super – Revenant, with Aeon Swift exotic gauntlets. Or, you can use the bottom tree Nightstalker super with the new exotic chest piece – Omnioculus. This will allow you to help your teammates by vanishing them in smoke.

Titans only have one choice here, run with Ursa Furiosa and Sentinel super. This will allow Titans to pop their supers in the final boss room when there are tons of ads shooting at you.


For weapons, since there are overload and barrier champions in this strike, you should go with a Sniper in the primary slot, a submachine or a bow in energy, and a rocket launcher or Anarchy in the heavy slot.

For the primary slot, you can use the Succession or Eye of Sol sniper rifle. An alternative option would be to use Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper.

For energy slots, some of the bows you can use here are; Point of the Stag, Imperial Needle, Arsenic Bite-4B. You can also use exotic bows like Le Monarque, and Trinity Ghoul, but that would compromise your Anarchy or Izanagi’s Burden which was used to DPS the boss and clear out champions. For submachine guns, the best option is to use Riskrunner as almost everything in this strike does arc damage which will activate this weapon’s perk.

And lastly, for the heavy slot, you should use Anarchy exotic grenade launcher or a legendary rocket launcher like Tomorrow’s Answer, or Code Duello.

Armor Mods

You can run with different mods depending on the build but here are some of the mods that we recommend in this strike:

  • Sniper Rifle Scavenger + Finder, Arc Resistance
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger + Finder
  • Stacks On Stacks
  • Charge Harvester
  • Protective Light
  • Champions: Barrier and Overload

Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Grandmaster Nightfall Walkthrough

Startup the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. GM nightfall strike and after spawning in, head towards the first Warsat area where you fight a bunch of Fallen with four ships. Just make sure to keep your distance when Warsat is falling down as it could instantly kill you. Scan the Warsat with your Ghost and it will start the encounter. The most optimal and safe way to complete this area is to clear all the ads when they spawn and then progress through the transmission. Also, make sure you take out the turrets on each Fallen ship. Simply shooting it will destroy the turrets.

The next room is where you’ll have to use your Well of Radiance as there will be a lot of enemies coming at you. As soon as you enter the room, place down your Well of Radiance. The first priority is to take down all the champions in the room. Use your Anarchy shots and/or Revenant super if necessary.

The next area is where you’ll have to take the arc charge to disable the Arc streams. This is fairly straightforward. There will be a couple of Shanks that will spawn here, you can either wait for them at the start of the room or wait in the middle/end.

The Final Boss

The next room is the third last room of the strike. There will be both overload and barrier champions spawning in this room. So, you will have to use your Anarchy, and sniper rifles to take them down. If you’re using Revenant Hunters, throw your Duskfeild grenades and then DPS the champions. The second last room is pretty much the same too. A couple of champions with a bunch of ads. Put down your Well of Radiance and you’re good to go.

Now comes the final boss room. Take down the Servitors that will spawn on the left and right along with the Shanks. This will start the boss encounter. The boss’ health is divided into four parts. After each phase, it will go into the immune phase which will spawn a couple of Servitors that you would need to take down. Place down your Well of Radiance right behind the small box that will appear once the encounter starts. This will be your cover when doing the first DPS phase. Use your two Anarchy shots and sniper ammo for the DPS.

A Servitor champion will spawn in after the first DPS phase. Take it down and repeat the process. Keep in mind that the boss’ sniper rifle will one-shot you, so stay behind the cover. You will need to repeat this process three more times to completely take down the boss and complete the Fallen SA.B.E.R. Grandmaster Nightfall strike.

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