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Destiny 2: Every Possible Way To Earn Enhancement Prisms

Masterworking gear is a crucial part of making the perfect build in Destiny 2. Ever since Beyond Light streamlined the Armor 2.0 process, creating a powerful build is easier than ever. Unfortunately, players will still need to struggle through Nightfalls and other tough content to get their armor to rank ten.

Enhancement Prisms are a core part of that economy. Three Prisms are required to Masterwork a Legendary piece of armor, while five are needed to Masterwork an Exotic. If it wasn’t obvious, Masterworking an entire armor set is costly. At least, it is if you just buy them from Banshee. There are quite a few ways to obtain Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2. Let’s go over all of them.

How To Obtain Enhancement Prisms

Enhancement Prisms are mainly earned from completing Nightfall: The Ordeal activities, although the Beyond Light expansion has included various Ghost Shell Mods that grant this coveted Masterwork material. You can earn Enhancement Prisms from the following:

  1. Nightfalls and Empire Hunts (Hero difficulty or higher)
  2. Flawless card completions in Trials of Osiris (Ascendant Shard on your first card, Prisms on subsequent cards until reset)
  3. Reaching certain Season Pass ranks
  4. Purchased from Banshee-44
  5. Purchased from the Spider
  6. Dismantling armor (rank nine or ten)
  7. Greater Core Harvest Mod (for Ghost Shells)

Nightfalls And Empire Hunts

Completing Nightfalls or Empire Hunts on Hero difficulty or higher have a chance of granting Enhancement Prisms on completion. Master difficulty has the best reward to time ratio, granting two Enhancement Prisms on a Platinum completion. Grandmaster Nightfalls technically grant more—providing four guaranteed Enhancement Prisms on completion with a chance at obtaining one or two more—but GM Nightfalls are significantly harder than Master Nightfalls.

Bungie will sometimes release a double Nightfall loot week for Destiny 2, granting two random rewards upon a Nightfall completion instead of one. This means players can earn four Enhancement Prisms every Master Nightfall completion. Farming Masterwork materials during a double loot week is highly recommended.

Season Pass

Each Season Pass grants Masterwork Materials if players own the current season, Enhancement Prisms included. Guardians can expect Prisms at the following ranks:

  • Rank 60: 3x Enhancement Prisms
  • Rank 70: 3x Enhancement Prisms

Note that you must own the current season to earn these rewards; they are not part of the free track available to all players.


Banshee-44 sells Enhancement Prisms at the Tower. Two are always available for purchase, each requiring a different planetary material. As with the rest of his stock, this material requirement rotates daily. Purchasing a Prism from Banshee requires the following:

  • 10 Enhancement Cores
  • 25 planetary materials
  • 10,000 Glimmer

The Spider

The Spider sells Enhancement Prisms for 400 Legendary Shards each. Players can only purchase five Enhancement Prisms this way per day. It is highly discouraged to obtain Prisms this way due to the absurd Legendary Shard cost. If you need Prisms that badly, visit Banshee-44 in the Tower instead.

Greater Core Harvest Mod

Masterworking a Ghost Shell will unlock a fourth Mod slot that can equip unique activity Mods. One of these Mods, Greater Core Harvest, allows players to obtain Enhancement Prisms by partaking in core activities. There is a Greater Core Harvest Mod for strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible—all of which are obtained by completing those respective activities and turning in faction packages.

Each Greater Core Harvest Mod does the following:

  • Greater Core Harvest (Vanguard): Defeating bosses in Vanguard playlist strikes of Nightfalls has a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.
  • Greater Core Harvest (Crucible): Precision final blows in Crucible have a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.
  • Greater Core Harvest (Gambit): Defeating invaders in Gambit has a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.

Crucible’s Greater Core Harvest seems to be the best of the bunch, granting one Enhancement Prism on average after landing 20 precision final blows. That might sound extreme, but good Crucible players can obtain that many precision kills in a single 6v6 match or after a couple of 3v3 games.

The Vanguard one is less rewarding, having around a 5% drop chance per boss kill. Fortunately, boss kills do include Champions and other yellow-bar opponents.

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