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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Earn The Descendant Title

Few PvE pursuits can match the challenge of earning a title. Most titles in Destiny 2 require an absurd amount of dedication, whether for their time-gated Triumphs or difficult tasks. Descendant is one such title, granted to those that can master the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

While most agree that the Deep Stone Crypt is one of Destiny’s easiest raids, this title is nonetheless a pain to earn. Mastery of this raid is all but required. Here is a complete guide for earning the Descendant title in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, from finding the Crypt’s darkest secrets to mastering every encounter.

Deep Stone Crypt Badge

As with most titles, Descendant requires the acquisition of every item from the Deep Stone Crypt. Every weapon, armor piece, and vanity item is required to earn this badge. Here’s the requirement for each item:

  • Retrocausality: Complete the “Not a Scratch” Triumph
  • No Love Lost: Find all five Exo Stranger logs.
  • Cryptic Insignia: Complete the raid.
  • Crypt Reawakened: Complete the raid.
  • Eyes of Tomorrow: Has a 10% chance to drop after defeating Taniks, the Abomination. It can only drop on your first completion per character per week.

Deep Stone Crypt’s weapons and armor also drop from specific encounters. If you can’t get a particular item to drop, a chest vendor appears after defeating Taniks that can be used to purchase items from each encounter. Each encounter drops the following:

  • Crypt Security: Arms, boots, class item, Trustee
  • Atraks-1, Fallen Exo: Arms, boots, class item, Heritage, Succession
  • Rupture: Arms, chest armor, class item, Posterity
  • Taniks, The Abomination: Head, chest armor, boots, Commemoration, Bequest, Eyes of Tomorrow

Raid Completion Triumphs

Certain Triumphs focus on completing the Deep Stone Crypt in unique ways. Clears using the same class and Subclass element are present here, similar to past titles. Seven Triumphs relate to completing this raid under certain conditions.

  1. Deep Stone Crypt: Complete the “Deep Stone Crypt.”
  2. Clan Night: Deep Stone Crypt: Complete the “Deep Stone Crypt” raid with a team made entirely of clanmates.
  3. Control Group: Complete all raid encounter with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.
  4. Electric Sheep: Complete all raid encounter with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses.
  5. Meltdown: Complete all raid encounter with a fireteam made entirely of  Solar subclasses.
  6. Freezing Point: Complete all raid encounter with a fireteam made entirely of Stasis subclasses.
  7. Devoid of the Rest: Complete all raid encounter with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.

Each of the above Triumphs are self-explanatory. For the Subclass-specific Triumphs, you only have that Subclass equipped before the encounter is completed for it to count. For example, swapping to a Stasis Subclass right before killing Atraks-1 would contribute towards the Freezing Point Triumph. Subclass Triumphs also don’t require your fireteam to be composed of all Hunters, Warlocks, or Titans; a mix of all three is excellent.

If you’re struggling to complete the raid, consult our raid guide.


Cryptkeeper: Loot hidden chests in the “Deep Stone Crypt” raid.

Two hidden chests can be found throughout the Deep Stone Crypt raid. One is found during the blizzard section at the start of the raid. The second chest is located during the space jumping puzzle after the Atraks-1 encounter.

Hidden Chest #1

The first hidden chest is located to the final heat bubble right before you enter a Fallen airlock. To reach it, turn around and look for a series of ledges to climb beside a cliff. If you’re looking at the map, it’s on the southeast part of the heat bubble. The path will lead to a small alcove that has a chest in plain sight. Grab it before entering the Fallen airlock.

Frostbite Immunity Tip: If you want to avoid the Frostbite debuff while grabbing the chest, spawn a Sparrow just outside of a heat bubble. While inside the heat bubble, hop onto your Sparrow. If done correctly, you will be immune to Frostbite until you die.

Hidden Chest #2

After defeating Atraks-1, you will be taken to a jumping section outside the Morning Star space station. To find the second chest, deviate left of the main path when you reach the first set of spinning blades. Following this path will take you through a small series of metal platforms. The end of this path is a hidden chest that connects to the main path once again.

Solo Tip: It is possible to glitch out of the map during the blizzard and Crypt Security encounters. Doing so leads you to this jumping section and, consequently, allows you to grab the chest solo. YouTuber Esoterickk has a guide on this that you can watch here.

Not A Scratch

Not a Scratch: Bring all six Pikes from the starting heat bubble to the final heat bubble.

Six Pikes are present in the first heat bubble players stumble across. To complete this Triumph, you must take all six of these Pikes to the final heat bubble. This can be tricky due to the hard-hitting Fallen that dot the path and final bubble. Thanks to the Frostbite immunity glitch mentioned above, this is much easier to do than it seems.

Should a Pike be lost during this encounter, it will eventually respawn at the first heat bubble. Before escorting any Pikes, it’s recommended to kill every Fallen enemy in this encounter. This should prevent the Pike from being blown up mid-transit.

Note: This Triumph requires a fireteam of six players in the instance for “Not a Scratch” to complete. You can escort the Pikes solo before inviting five other Guardians to your fireteam. Everyone in the instance gets the Triumph when done this way.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom: Collect all five Exo Stranger logs.

Five Exo Stranger logs are tied to this raid, all of which are found before the Rupture encounter. Here is a quick rundown of where each log is located.

  1. Blizzard Encounter: Inside the Deep Stone Crypt. When entering the room preceding the Crypt Security encounter, jump over the box in the right corner of the room to find a datapad.
  2. Clarity Control: Resting on a pipe on the left-hand side of the room.
  3. Morning Star, Space: After the second set of spinning blades. Found on a metal platform under the path.
  4. Morning Star, Space: Directly right of the room where players fight two Fallen Brigs.
  5. Rapture: Atop a red generator at the right of the room.

For a more detailed look at these log locations, consult this article.

Red Rover

Red Rover: Complete the Crypt Security encounter by having all Guardians fire at least two panels as an Operator.

This is a weekly challenge that is displayed as a modifier in the Deep Stone Crypt menu. If Red Rover is not the weekly challenge, this Triumph will be impossible to earn.

Instead of designating a single Operator for the Crypt Security encounter, designate three pairs of players. When a pair’s first Operator fires one side of panels, have them pass the Operator buff via the Augment terminal. Their partner will then grab the buff and swap positions. The second Operator in a pair then shoots the second set of panels, passes the buff up, then receives the Scanner buff to call out which fuses are vulnerable. The second duo will grab the Operator buff and repeat the process.

Red Rover requires your fireteam to defeat Crypt Security in three phases. There are a surprising number of failure conditions tied to this challenge:

  1. If someone grabs the Operator augment for a second time, the challenge fails.
  2. If someone dies as an Operator, the challenge fails.
  3. If someone shoots more than two panels, the challenge fails.
  4. If you have less than six Guardians in your fireteam, the challenge automatically fails.

Resource Contention

Resource Contention: Shut down Crypt security while only using 2 of the 3 augmentation terminals.

Resource Connection can be completed at any time. It is not a weekly challenge.

Decide which terminal will be ignored for the encounter. Since the underground terminal is necessary to pass the Scanner buff, either the left or right side must have their terminal ignored. Ignoring the left/dark side’s terminal is recommended.

Designate one person on the left/dark side to be the Scanner for the encounter. The Operator must stay above ground at the start of the encounter, allowing them to open the door between the left and right sides of the arena.

Scanners will grab their buff, call out the two panels glowing on that side, then ask the Operator to open doors for them. The Operator will then shoot door panels to let the Scanner through. Operators can now travel underground. Once again, the Scanner will call out two more panels for the Operator to shoot. Everything else plays out as normal. Try to one-phase the fuses to make this challenge easier.

Copies Of Copies

Copies of Copies: Defeat Atraks-1, Fallen Exo without depositing Replication Orbs into airlocks.

Copies of Copies is a weekly challenge. Completing this challenge on the wrong week will not grant the respective Triumph.

Airlocks must be avoided entirely to complete this Triumph. Due to the strength of The Lament Exotic Sword, this hardly changes the encounter. Have all six players damage Atraks-1 with Lament to complete this challenge with ease, a strategy that is discussed in more detail here. When a player has their timer reach 15 seconds or less, have the Operator refresh their duration as normal.

5 Seconds To Paradise

5 Seconds to Paradise: Defeat Atraks-1 while destroying all Servitors within 5 seconds of each other.

5 Seconds to Paradise can be completed at any time. It is not a weekly challenge.

Each player should be designated a Servitor to kill. Have all six Servitors weakened before the raid leader gives a countdown. When everyone is ready, each Guardian will kill their respective Servitor. This should only need to be done once or twice if everyone is using Lament to damage Atraks.

Of All Trades

Of All Trades: Complete the Descent encounter by having all players use the Scanner, Operator, and Suppressor augments at least once.

Of All Trades is a weekly challenge that must be active for the Triumph to register.

Six sets of Nuclear Cores must be deposited for this encounter to end, meaning there are six chances for each player to obtain one of the three augments. Every player will need to swap their buff after a set of Nuclear Cores have been deposited. You can assign people a specific number, ranging from one to six, or pair Guardians into two teams of three.

In either case, a player will spend one round with a buff, the next round without a buff, then the third round with a new buff. Creating pairs of fireteam members can be useful for dictating which players get buffs in what order. For example, pair one will manage the Operator augment for the first two rounds while pair two manages Scanner. If you want to assign numbers, players one, three, and five start with buffs while even-numbered teammates get buffs on the second round. Use whichever organizing strategy you prefer.

Failure conditions for this Triumph are somewhat obscure. Here are all of the failure conditions associated with Of All Trades.

  1. Depositing an augment before Nuclear Cores have been deposited fails the challenge.
  2. Depositing an augment before one gets deactivated fails the challenge.
  3. Having less than six fireteam members automatically fails the challenge.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit: Confront Taniks while allowing only one player from your fireteam to deposit nuclear cores.

Short Circuit can be completed at any time. This Triumph is not tied to a weekly modifier.

For this Triumph, designate one player as the Nuclear Core depositor or “dunker” during the Rupture encounter. The Operator makes for a good dunker since they only have to spawn Nuclear Cores for a given round. Two players will run the Nuclear Cores to the bins as normal, this time passing their nukes to the dedicated dunker when they reach a bin. The dunker then deposits the Nuclear Core as normal. Besides this small logistical change, the Rapture encounter plays out the same as normal.

The Core Four

The Core Four: Defeat Taniks, the Abomination by spawning four nuclear cores at once.

The Core Four is a weekly challenge.

There’s a good chance your raid team is already using this strategy to defeat Taniks. When Taniks’ thrusters become vulnerable, destroy all four of them to spawn four Nuclear Cores. Deposit these cores to start the damage phase. This causes Taniks to slam the ground one additional time during the DPS phase, extending it by a few seconds.

All four Nuclear Cores don’t need to be deposited simultaneously, nor does the encounter have to be completed in one phase. Spawning less than four Nuclear Cores during Taniks’ vulnerability window fails the challenge.

Ready, Set Go!

Ready, Set, Go! Defeat Taniks, the Abomination while activating pairs of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other.

Ready, Set, Go! can be completed at any time. It is not a weekly challenge.

Similar to The Core Four, there’s a good chance that raid teams have already completed this Triumph. Fireteams must deposit Nuclear Cores within five seconds of each other. The “pairs” of nodes this Triumph refers to is referencing the two-core strategy. Depositing four Nuclear Cores within five seconds of each other is equally as viable. Should your fireteam struggle with depositing early, do the two-core strategy mentioned here. Have Nuclear Core carriers count down to zero before dunking to ensure it was within five seconds of each other.

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