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Destiny 2: All Calus Automaton Locations

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  • Sever – Shame Automaton Location
  • Sever – Reconciliation Automaton Location
  • Sever – Grief Automaton Location
  • Sever – Forgiveness Automaton Location
  • Sever – Rage Automaton Location
  • Sever – Resolve Automaton Location

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted introduced a series of collectibles called automatons for players to find. Scattered across all six Sever missions, players can find these destroyed Calus machines to access hidden dialogue and make progress towards the Hear, Don't Heed Triumph.

By finding all six of these automatons, you'll be able to claim this Triumph and make progress towards Season of the Haunted's Reaper title. For anyone interested in collectibles or the Reaper title, this guide will cover where you can find each automaton across Season of the Haunted's various Sever missions.

Once you find an automaton, be sure to stand near it until Calus finishes speaking. Should you leave the activity too soon, you won't receive any progress.

Sever – Shame Automaton Location

You can find this automaton at the start of the mission. After you crawl out of the tunnel maze, turn right instead of left to find the automaton hidden in the corner of the room. Walk up to the automaton to initiate its dialogue. Be sure to listen to all of Calus' dialogue to make progress towards the Hear, Don't Heed Triumph.

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Sever – Reconciliation Automaton Location

During the first combat encounter with the Cabal, the power will go out. Eliminate the Cabal, then reactivate the power. Psions will spawn at the opposite end of the power room when you do this. Kill the Psions, then enter the room they came out of to find the Calus automaton.

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Sever – Grief Automaton Location

The first combat encounter against the Scorn is where you'll find this automaton. Clear out the Scorn in the garden room. Just before you enter the corridor that leads further into the Sever mission, drop down the metal platform and look to your right. You should find the automaton hidden behind some metal chains and a small cluster of flowers.

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Sever – Forgiveness Automaton Location

Shortly after you open the door in the starting arena, you'll enter a massive storage room filled with Scorn. Clear out the Scorn, then backtrack to the start of the room. Look to your right to find a short corridor. Run to the very end to find the automaton.

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Sever – Rage Automaton Location

You'll join forces with Caiatl's Legion partway through the mission. When you first meet the friendly Cabal, push to the opposite end of the room and enter the open door. Around the corner will be the automaton.

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Sever – Resolve Automaton Location

You'll find this automaton about halfway through the level. When you enter the engine room, you'll want to enter the side room with the switch that opens the ignition room. From the switch, run straight ahead and turn right. You can jump over a barrel resting beside a red pipe. Run down this secret corridor to find the automaton.

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