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Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To Spider’s Wanted Bounties

Bounties are a core part of Destiny 2, granting a massive amount of experience and Glimmer for completing them. Nearly every vendor has a suite of bounties for Guardians to complete, but not all bounties are created equal.

The Spider’s Wanted Bounties in the Tangled Shore are unique thanks to the Tangled Shore gear they can grant when completed. Tangled Shore weapons, armor, and the Lord of Wolves Exotic can be earned from these bounties. They are fairly time-consuming to complete, but they are more than worth the trouble. Here is a complete guide to completing Spider’s Wanted Bounties in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

How To Start Wanted Bounties

Wanted Bounties can be obtained from the Spider on the Tangled Shore. Purchasing these bounties will require a set number of Ghost Fragments. More rewarding Wanted Bounties will require additional Ghost Fragments. Bounties cost anywhere from one to five Ghost Fragments.

Once purchased, read the bounty description to figure out where to go. Each bounty will state a planet and a specific location on that planet. This area can either be a zone on the planet—for example, Trostland in the EDZ—or a specific Lost Sector. Travel to that location to take out the Wanted target and complete the bounty.

Types Of Wanted Bounties

There are three types of Wanted Bounties:

  1. High-Value Target bounties
  2. Lost Sector bounties
  3. Public Event boss bounties
  4. Adventure bounties

The cost of the bounty dictates what type of Wanted Bounty it is.

  • One, two, and three Ghost Fragments: Lost Sector and Public Event bosses
  • Four Ghost Fragments: High-Value Target
  • Five Ghost Fragments: Adventure boss

The Lost Sector Wanted Bounties grant experience and small amounts of Glimmer for completing them. High-Value Target bounties grant larger sums of Glimmer and an Enhancement Core for completing them. Finally, defeating an Adventure boss will grant an Enhancement Core and 15,000 Glimmer.

Every Wanted Bounty has a chance to drop Tangled Shore gear and the Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun. Harder bounties seem to have a higher drop chance for these items, but this is only speculation. Complete as many Wanted Bounties as possible each week for more chances at earning the Lord of Wolves.

Every Wanted Enemy

There are a total of 45 Wanted Bounties, 15 of which are tied to sunset content as of the Beyond Light expansion. Only 14 of these bounties are available each week, and the rotation for these bounties is random. We will go over the location of each Wanted boss that is currently in the game.

European Dead Zone/EDZ


Calzar is the Lost Sector boss in Shaft 13. Travel to the Sludge and enter the warehouse on the eastern end of the map to find him.

Devourer Darg

Devourer Darg is the Lost Sector boss in Skydock IV. This Lost Sector can be found under the Cabal Ship in the Sunken Isles. Travel to the platform the ship is resting on to find the entrance.

Disgraced Bracus

Disgraced Bracus is a High-Value Target Cabal Centurion that wanders the Winding Cove. Wander the area until the game states that a High-Value Target is nearby. As long as you damage Bracus before he dies, you will receive credit for killing him.

Downpour Captain

Downpour Captain is the Lost Sector boss in The Weep. Travel to the Winding Cove and hop down the hole near the spawn point to enter the Lost Sector.

Drained Captain

The Whispered Falls Lost Sector has the Drained Captain as a boss. Travel to the northwest corner of the EDZ Outskirts to find this Lost Sector.

Dust-Choked Thrag

Dust-Choked Thrag is the boss of the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector. Head to Firebase Hades and look for a Lost Sector on the eastern part of the zone beside a hill.

Fortifier Yann

Fortifier Yann is the boss of The Quarry Lost Sector. This Lost Sector is in the center of the Sunken Isles.

Irxis Partisan

Irxis Partisan is a High-Value Target found in The Gultch. He will always spawn during the Injection Rig Public Event.

Kurg, The All-Seeing Force

Kurg, The All-Seeing Force is the Lost Sector boss of The Pit Lost Sector. He can be found in the western section of Firebase Hades. Instead of heading up the ramp to the Cabal base, travel to the path beside it to find the Lost Sector.

Mazan, Lost Captain

Mazan is the boss of the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector. Head to the northwest corner of Trostland to find the Lost Sector entrance.

Metal Captain

The Metal Captain is the Lost Sector boss in The Drain. He can be found in the middle of the Outskirts under a dilapidated road.

Phyzann, Drowned Captain

Phyzann is the Lost Sector boss in the Flooded Chasm. Travel to the southern part of The Gultch to find the Lost Sector entrance.


Queenbreaker is a High-Value Target Servitor that spawns in Trostland. Wait for the HVT spawning message before searching for it.

Saturn Survivor

Saturn Survivor is a High-Value Target that roams around The Sludge. It typically roams near the entrance to the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector.

Silent Fang

Silent Fang is an Adventure boss that can be started from The Sludge. This Adventure requires you to throw explosives dropped by Explosive Shanks. With an explosive orb in hand, use the melee input to throw it at a Fallen generator. Destroy Fallen generators to progress through the Adventure and to make the boss vulnerable to damage.

Sunless Captain

Sunless Captain is a boss in the Terminus East Lost Sector. You can find this Lost Sector in the northeast corner of Trostland. Slide under a metal door to find the entrance to Terminus East.

Varghul, Fragment of Oryx

Varghul is the Lost Sector boss in the Cavern of Souls. This Lost Sector is found in the center of The Sludge.

Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight

Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight is a boss found in the Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sector. This Lost Sector is at the southeastern corner of Firebase Hades beside a dirt road.


Arcadian Chord

Arcadian Chord is an Adventure boss that can be started from the Glade of Echoes. This boss is a Vex Minotaur that spawns Oracles in random locations. Once a third of its health is depleted, you must destroy two Oracles to make it vulnerable again. When it reaches the last third of its health, Arcadian Chord will spawn three Oracles. Destroy the Oracles, then kill the boss.

Arcane Mind

The Arcane Mind is a High-Value Target Hydra that roams the landmass that connects the west and east sections of The Cistern.

Nariks Reborn

Nariks Reborn is the Lost Sector boss in The Carrion Pit. This Lost Sector is in the Glade of Echoes. Travel to the center of the zone to find the Lost Sector entrance.


Pakrion can be found in the Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector. Travel to the western part of The Tangle to find the entrance.

Shayotet Partisan

Shayotet is located at The Conflux Lost Sector. Travel to The Cistern and drive across the Radiolarian Fluid lake. At the northwest corner of the lake is the Lost Sector entrance.

Splendid Mind

Splendid Mind is a High-Value Target Minotaur that wanders the Glade of Echoes.

Student of Beltrik

The Student of Beltrik is a High-Value Target Captain that roams the Exodus Black.

Tattered Dusk Captain

The Tattered Dusk Captain is the final boss in The Rift Lost Sector. You can find this Lost Sector on the western wall of the Exodus Black area.


Thyrdron is a boss that can be found in The Orrery Lost Sector. This Lost Sector is in the northern part of Artifact’s Edge to the left of spawn.

Tangled Shore

Consul Partisan

Consul Partisan is a Cabal Centurion boss in the Cryo Pod Public Event, found at Soriks’s Cut. Killing or capturing the Consul Partisan will complete the bounty.

Pallas Siegebreaker

Pallas Siegebreaker is the Fallen Captain boss in the Cryo Pod Public Event, found at Thieves’ Landing. Killing or capturing Pallas will complete the bounty.

Prince of Yul

Prince of Yul is the Hive Knight boss in the Cryo Pod Public Event, who can be found at the Jetsam of Saturn. Killing or capturing Yul will complete the bounty.

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