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Despite Years Of Silence, Genshin Impact On Switch Is "Still In Development"

Genshin Impact is a worldwide phenomenon, captivating players on a range of platforms. The massively successful free-to-play Gacha RPG is available on PC, Android, iOS, PS4 and PS5, but not on Xbox. The portable Nintendo Switch would seem an excellent system for sessions in the fantastical landscapes of Teyvat but no such version has yet released. MiHoYo confirmed that Genshin Impact was set for Nintendo Switch at the beginning of 2020, but it's been pretty quiet since.

Luckily, MiHoYo has broken the silence. The determined folks at GoNintendo (via Nintendo Life) spoke with the Chinese developers to inquire about the game's status on Nintendo Switch. In a statement MiHoYo's global PR specialist Xin Yang said: "The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along".

That was as far as it went, sadly, but at least Switch owners will be placated now that it's been confirmed this version of Genshin is still being worked on. Back in May last year it had been rumoured that the Switch version could've been delayed owing to technical difficulties. This was reportedly due to "weaker hardware" but this should be surmountable considering Genshin can run on smartphones. But the developer will know more about that and it could may as well be due to relative lack of experience with Nintendo's hardware that could've held up its release. We can't be sure.

In other news, we got a clear glimpse into just how enormously successful Genshin Impact is. In a report by analysts Sensor Tower it was revealed that the RPG is an amazingly profitable game. "The game has averaged revenue of $1 billion every six months, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time", Sensor Tower wrote, in a blog post.

In a chart comparing Genshin to other Gacha games, such as Lineage W and Rise of Kingdoms, it was shown MiHoYo's title was by far the world's best grossing Gacha-based mobile game. With the billions raked in as profit, MiHoYo surely has the resources to pour into developing a Switch version of its title, but it's also obvious that this doesn't necessarily make game development easy.

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