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Demon’s Souls Store Page Briefly Leaks New Weapon Pre-Order Bonus

The PlayStation Showcase event on Wednesday gave us a lot to chew on, not the least of which was the reveal for Demon’s Souls on the PS5. When the pre-order sale launched, players found that the store briefly listed a new weapon as a bonus before being taken down.

Unfortunately, the pre-order for the game is going as smooth and organized as the console’s pre-order—which is to say that it appears as though some mistakes were made. Despite reassurances from PlayStation that there would be plenty of notice before console pre-orders went live, some retailers started accepting pre-orders immediately after the showcase ended—catching many fans (and retailers) off-guard.

While Demon’s Souls pre-orders aren’t as chaotic as PS5 orders, there was a retraction to the original listing on Sony’s own store. The now-deleted listing promised that your pre-order would be rewarded with a new weapon—The Reaper Scythe. The weapon’s description said that “many targets” could be mowed down with a single blow and that it requires both Strength and Dexterity to wield.

The current listing states that Demon’s Souls is a remake of the PS3 classic that has been rebuilt and remastered from the ground up; offering you both “stunning visual quality [and] incredible performance.” It’s not immediately clear why the pre-order bonus was removed, but perhaps the weapon will still be available in-game as a usable item. It is seemingly the same scythe that is used by The Reapers of the Shrine of Storms after all.

It’s difficult to say what happened here. This isn’t the first time that Sony amended messaging associated with Demon’s Souls, though. When the gameplay trailer was released, it claimed that the game would be available on PC—but it won’t be. So that was a lie – one that Sony blamed on human error. This could be another case of human error, or it could speak to the lack of control that Sony seems to have over its properties—or at least its advertising. Hopefully, this is the last correction that Sony will need to make.

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