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Demon’s Souls Remake Doesn’t Support Ray Tracing

Demon’s Souls Remake is brining a host of new features to PS5, but it seems that ray tracing won’t be one of them.

The news was confirmed by Sony earlier today on Japanese gaming website, Game Spark. When asked about ray tracing on PS5, here’s what the company had to say: “PS5 version “Demon’s Souls” does not support ray tracing. In this remake, in addition to a significant increase in the number of polygons, object density, and texture size, adopting beautiful real-time lighting technique and tessellation technology, we bring out the details and richness of the world to the maximum.”

The translation is a bit rough around the edges, however, one thing is clear – ray tracing isn’t happening. There are plenty of other graphical enhancements to look forward to – Sony mentions increased polygon count, texture size, and new lighting techniques – and fans probably won’t be disappointed in the final product. Early gameplay videos show off a game that looks decidedly next-gen. Even if ray tracing isn’t part of the specs, the final product is looking pretty damn impressive.

Ray tracing is being used in several next-gen titles, including Fortnite. The technique is used to render stunningly realistic lighting effects, something of which is clearly event when you near reflective surfaces in-game. Without ray tracing, most games simply cast blurred out reflections. Turn on ray tracing and you’ll witness stunning detail and nearly perfect reflections. There’s a lot more to it, but – suffice to say – it’ll be a technique that’s implemented in more and more games as we jump into next-gen.

Demon’s Souls Remake brings more than fancy graphics to PS5. A reworked rolling system, new attack animations for each weapon, and improved drop rates for the rarest of gear. You’ll still need to grind it out, but the team is hoping to make your life a bit less tedious.

Demon’s Souls Remake launches November 12. If you haven’t yet snagged a PS5 pre-order, Sony recently announced consoles won’t be available in-store on launch day.

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