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Demon’s Souls PS5: How To Meet Patches & Get Him To The Nexus

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls will be familiar with Patches the Hyena. FromSoftware has made frequent use of the character throughout Soulsborne games, but Patches’ first appearance was in Demon’s Souls for the PS3. With BluePoint Games remaking the former exclusive for the PS5, Patches is back to rebuild the slimy reputation fans love him for.

While amicable on the surface level, Patches cares about himself above all else and uses any opportunity he finds to betray those around him. For what it’s worth, Patches is one of Demon’s Souls best vendors and arguably essential for archer builds, so there’s value in keeping him alive in the Nexus. He’s also sure to reward the player when they fall for his traps only to survive, knowing full well he shouldn’t be toying the Slayer of Demons – too much.

Defeat The Armored Spider

Before players can meet Patches for the first time, they need to get through the first third of Stonefang Tunnel. 2-1 isn’t especially challenging, especially for mages, but the Fat Officials pose a menacing early-game threat and there are enough hidden areas where players can realistically reach the boss gate low on Grass, Health, or MP on a first run.

That said, the Armored Spider isn’t too daunting so long as you exercise some modicum of patience. The Armored Spider clearly telegraphs its slash attack, offering an opportunity to dodge and strike, but it’s also possible to roll through the Armored Spider’s legs in order to attack it from behind. None of the Armored Spider’s attacks will be able to reach, allowing for an unreasonably easy kill.

Find Patches In Stonefang And Survive His Trap

2-2 is one of the shorter stages in Demon’s Souls, but it’s also filled with hazards that are designed to kill impatient players who aren’t observing their surroundings. Pools of lava flood most of 2-2, mine carts explode once they’re walked by, and Giant Bearbugs are lurking around most corners, making it difficult to make quick progress without abusing the Flamelurker shortcut. Patches can be found by following the path left of the Archstone.

  • Take the elevator near the Fat Official down.
  • Kill the 2 Crystal Lizards and head into the tunnel across the room.
  • Take the first right.
  • Kill the Scale Miner halfway through the tunnel and head further down to read a fog gate.

Once outside of the tunnel, Patches will wave down the player while surrounded by Bugbears. He’ll try to trick the player into grabbing treasure beneath a Big Bugbear, an act which immediately results in them dropping down. If the player survives, Patches will reward them with a Ring of Flame Resistance as penance. Alternatively, you can kill the Big Bugbear (the aftermath explosion will damage Patches, but he won’t aggro or die,) and then pick up the Ring of Flame Resistance that was right by the demon. Patches won’t give up his own ring, but he’ll be dumbfounded at the player’s skill.

Kill The Adjudicator

With Patches met and outsmarted in Stonefang Tunnel, it’s time to head to the Shrine of Storms. Like with Stonefang, Patches only appears in the second stage of the Shrine, requiring players to get through 4-1 first. Thankfully, the Shrine of Storms’ opening area is fairly linear save for a few illusory walls that lead to their own respective dead ends. By simply following the path, players will comfortably reach the boss gate. Alternatively, it’s possible to skip over 90% of the stage by rolling off the side of the first watchtower.

The Adjudicator itself is one of the easiest bosses in Demon’s Souls. Ranged characters will be able to kill the Adjudicator rather quickly by aiming at the bird atop its heads, while melee players simply need to attack the blade lodged into its stomach to make the demon lower its head. Slow and comparatively weak, the Adjudicator is a cakewalk.

Find Patches In The Shrine Of Storms And Survive The Fall

Getting to Patches in 4-2 isn’t half as involved as it was in 2-2, but the consequences are a bit more daunting. Patches is positioned fairly early into the stage, at the bottom floor with the Reaper and its Shadowlurkers. Once inside the main structure, kill any Shadowlurkers close by and then take out the Reaper by either sniping it from up above or landing behind it a combo.

Once the Reaper is done, head to the backroom behind the altar to find Patches staring down what appears to be a bottomless pit. He’ll urge the player to check the pit themselves so they can see treasure, but Patches immediately kicks the player into the hole. Talk to Saint Urbain, kill Satsuki’s Black Phantom, and then confront Patches to be rewarded with a Ring of Gash Resistance. With Saint Urbain saved and Patches outwitted (debatable) yet again, both characters will make their way to the Nexus so they can set up shop.

Patches’ Inventory In The Nexus

Now that Patches is in the Nexus, he’ll sell his wares to players. In spite of all his mischief throughout the game, Patches is a genuinely great vendor who sells some of the best items in Demon’s Souls. His stock also increases based on how many Archdemons are defeated, even selling Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

  • Heavy Bolt: 30 Souls
  • Heavy Arrow: 30 Souls
  • White Arrow: 500 Souls
  • Half Moon Grass: 300 Souls
  • Late Moon Grass: 500 Souls
  • Full Moon Grass: 1000 Souls
  • Fresh Spice: 800 Souls
  • Shard of Archstone: 5000 Souls
  • Sticky White Stuff: 5000 Souls
  • New Moon Grass: 5000 Souls
  • Dark Moon Grass: 10000 Souls
  • Stone of Ephemeral Eyes: 50000 Souls
  • Fragrant Ring: 60000 Souls
  • Cat’s Ring: 40000 Souls

Sticky White Stuff and the Cat’s Ring can be purchased after defeating 2 Archdemons; White Arrows and New Moon Grass can be bought after defeating 3; and Dark Moon Grass & Stone of Ephemeral Eyes show up for sale after 4.

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