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Demon Slayer Kimetsu: The Hinokami Chronicles – 7 Beginner Tips

Capitalising on a massive increase in the popularity of Demon Slayer anime, Sega and CyberConnect2 have combined to launch a fighting game based on it, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicle.

The Hinokami Chronicle features both a Story mode and a Versus mode, allowing you to play as one of the many characters from the series and go up against other iconic characters. Each comes with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique fighting styles. Here are some beginner tips to help you improve your game, and make you the best warrior among other players.

Use Support Fighters To Keep The Pressure On Opponents

Support fighters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicle are secondary characters you can use in a fight. You can call on the characters to switch spots, perform a skill, or carry you away. However, they're best at keeping the pressure on the enemy, making it impossible for them to break out of it.

When your attacks are getting blocked by the opponent, your character will bounce back for a second, giving the opponent space and a chance to attack you. You can avoid this by calling in the support fighter as soon as the attack ends. It will hold the opponent in a defensive stance, and allow you to jump right in and continue attacking.

Building Up Combos

Another way of building pressure on your opponent is to keep attacking them. You can combine many light and special attacks to create these deadly combos. Each character has its own set of light and heavy attacks, and you can take your character of choice to a training arena to experiment with combining different attacks.

An easy trick to create a long-lasting combo is to start with a light attack, then throw the enemy into the air by using a special attack or tilting your left analog stick up. Follow up with a light attack, and keep repeating the process. This will keep your opponent in a locked state and unable to react.

Shove The Enemy Away When Being Pressured

When constantly under attack by the enemy, and with your shield about to break, what you can do is shove the enemy away from you. This will give you enough time to bounce back at your opponent, and follow up with a quick combo.

You can shove your opponent by tilting the analog stick while blocking their attacks. This will send your opponent a few steps back, and you can then use that space to perform an ultimate, use a heavy attack, or dash backward.

Parrying Is A Must

Mastering the art of parrying might be difficult at first, but you can use it in many situations when you have the hang of it. You can use a parry to keep the flow in a combo, or to stagger your opponent and block their attack.

Parrying is executed almost the same way as shoving, but instead of holding the block button, you tap the button instead. Doing it at the right moment will block the enemy's attack and stun them for a second, giving you enough time to execute an ultimate attack or perform a quick combo.

Break Out Of Attack Animation When You Miss

If you somehow miss your opponent when executing an attack, your fighter will be open to enemies' attacks. They'll be able to deal a blow to your character, as you will still be in the attack animation.

You can avoid this by breaking through the attack animation using a jump or sidestep. As soon as you miss your opponent and are still in an attack animation, jump or sidestep in any direction to recover quickly. This will allow you to regain control of your character and save you from getting punished by the enemy.

Use Heavy Attacks More Often

Heavy attacks can help start a combo, or break free from players who keep button mashing. It also allows you to charge your attack while standing still and tanking enemies' attacks. After charging up, your fighter will dash forward, landing a deadly hit that deals massive damage.

You can also use heavy attacks to break through the guard of your opponents.

Learn The Characters Movesets

Keeping knowledge of the characters and their movesets is also beneficial in a fight. Since each character has different attacks, it can be hard to know what to expect from them during your battles.

Know-how of each character's attacks and abilities will give you the advantage over your opponent, as you will be ready for what's to come. You can always use Training Mode to select from the available characters and learn their movesets.

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