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Death Stranding 2 Has Been Officially Revealed

After months of extremely on-brand hints and teases, Hideo Kojima has finally revealed Death Stranding 2. Unfortunately, we didn't get a release date for the game, meaning it's probably unlikely Death Stranding 2 is launching in 2023.

The trailer begins with a look at a younger Fragile who seems to be escaping from some kind of facility with a child. She's then shot by an unknown assailant before the game cuts to what appears to be the current day, in which we see an older Sam Bridges. Both Fragile and Sam then watch a large mech rise out of some black water, revealing the mech's name to be "Drawbridge."

Anyone that's been following Kojima on social media won't find this too surprising, given that he'd been teasing a potential reveal for months. He's been slowly revealing actors who will appear in Death Stranding 2, including big names actors such as Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna. Our biggest hint that a Death Stranding sequel was about to be announced was Kojima's final tease though, as he revealed a silhouette of a woman who looked eerily familiar to Léa Seydoux, the actress who played Fragile in the original game.

We may not know what Death Stranding 2 will play like at the moment, but with Kojima involved we know it's going to include some pretty unique elements. He even said so himself, as he said his next game will "turns things around" and is basically "like a new medium." That being said, he could also have been referring to Overdose, a cloud-based horror game that is supposedly in development at Kojima Productions.

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