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Death End Re;Quest 2 – How To Beat Kidnapper

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It took a few hours, but Death end re;Quest 2 is finally upping its boss game. Kidnapper is the first boss that will cause you any semblance of a hassle. It has a large health pool, amazing stats, and attacks that actually hurt.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Kidnapper is a bit of a difficulty spike – or at the very least a damage check. If you want to take this lad on, you are going to have to position carefully, and use every trick you’ve learned so far.

Kidnapper’s Stats


Right from the get-go, you can see that this guy is beefy. Sure, his defenses are underwhelming, but that health pool is huge and more than makes up for it.

Most concerning, however, are Kidnapper's ATK and MAT stats. If Kidnapper gets the opportunity to hit you, it’s going to hurt. That might be an understatement.

Kidnapper's Attacks

Kidnapper doesn’t have many attacks, but the ones he does have, are a pain to deal with. The biggest offenders are his giant scythe – aptly named the Soul Scythe – and his incredibly powerful self-heal.

Because Kidnapper’s stats are so high, he is very likely to kill a character whenever he attacks. This is especially true if he targets Liliana who is probably going to be your weakest character at this point in the game.

If you can’t kill Kidnapper quickly enough, he might use his healing ability. This thing will restore 90 percent of Kidnapper’s health and reset the fight. You are forced to out damage a full heal – not the easiest of tasks.

Preparing For The Fight


To make this fight easier, you will want all three of your characters on high Corruption. This will let you morph into Glitch mode immediately which not only increases your damage but also your defense.

There are plenty of Bugs in this arena, so you will be able to get into Glitch mode regardless, but keeping as many Bugs available on the field for Corruption top-ups is very handy – not to mention transforming multiple times during the fight.


Remember to check the shop for the latest equipment. As a general rule, you will want to pile on damage-based equipment so you can end a fight before the enemy can sock you in the jaw. To this end, Mai is a Jack-Of-All-Trades, Rottie favors MAT, and Liliana is all about ATK. Because Kidnapper’s defenses are equal, it doesn’t matter what stat you target.

Battle Strategy

To kill Kidnapper effectively, you will have to deal 220,500 damage before he gets a chance to react. This might seem impossible, but with the right plan, you can down him quite easily.

Firstly, you need to shift into Glitch mode. This will up your damage substantially. From here, you want to push Kidnapper into a corner. If you can use Knock Blows to ricochet him, this is even better. Kidnapper is pretty heavy, so it may take a few solid knocks before you trap him.

Once he is pushed against a wall, knockback attacks are all you need to win. Kidnapper is weak to Star, so focus on that element for maximum damage. Consider using your Glitch Attack at the end of a combo too, as this will increase your damage even further.

If you can’t kill Kidnapper before he heals, then you will need to resort to buffs and debuffs. Mai can debuff Kidnapper’s defenses, whilst raising her stats with the likes of Studbull. Similarly, Rottie and Liliana can buff their attack stats to deal more damage. This, combined with wall bouncing and Glitch, should push your damage over the edge.

No matter what you do, Kidnapper can throw a couple of spanners into the works. Because it takes a while to get him into the corner, Kidnapper is free to attack your party. Most attacks in Death end re;Quest 2 are AoE-based, so try not to clump your characters together. You want a reasonable amount of space, so if Kidnapper attacks, he isn’t potentially wiping your party.

If you do lose a character, then cast Revive or Alice Revive during your combo to pick up your fallen comrade.

Once Kidnapper is down, you are ready to move on to Chapter Four.

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