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Dead Space Fans Are Roasting Isaac Clarke’s New Face

A recent preview of the Dead Space remake has given us our first look at Isaac Clarke's new face, and his surprisingly youthful and dad-like appearance is getting roasted by fans of the series.

Ever since the Dead Space remake was first announced, it was made clear that Isaac Clarke was going to play a bigger role this time around. One of the first big changes that was announced for the remake is that Isaac would now speak instead of just being spoken to, more closely resembling how he acted in the sequels.

Being more vocal isn't the only thing that's changed about Isaac Clarke this time around, however. As revealed by a recent IGN First video highlighting the changes to the game's story, Isaac has also been given a completely different face this time around. The video shows Isaac during the opening segments of the Dead Space remake, but it's not the character's new chattiness that's caught everyone's attention.

Dead Space fans have quickly reacted to the change, and they don't seem all that happy about it. One of the most popular tweets regarding the change says that Isaac Clarke now looks like a "youth pastor", with the Twitter user questioning how the devs managed to "whitewash a white guy".

Beyond youth pastors and middle-aged dads, the new face model for Isaac has also been compared to Adam Sandler and Cole Phelps from LA Noire. The only accurate comparison, however, is Andy Bernard from The Office. Let's hope all those anger management classes don't interrupt his time killing Necromorphs.

Over on the Dead Space subreddit, Redditor Pebble_Bandit even put together a face edit that makes Isaac look a little closer to how he did in the original game, although still looking a lot younger and fresh-faced. Reactions to this version of the face, which was made to look more similar to how he did in the game.

There are some Dead Space fans that don't seem that bothered by the change, however. Some are pointing out that Isaac has always looked like a "generic white guy", and that this version of him at least looks a little bit closer to his voice actor, Gunnar Wright. Others have pointed out how depressing it's going to be watching this sweeter version of Isaac get his day absolutely ruined.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time this year that a remake of a beloved horror game has been made fun of for how it's changed the main protagonist's face. Earlier this year, Konami revealed that it was teaming up with Bloober Team to remake Silent Hill 2, and the reveal trailer for it showed a much more expressive James Sunderland.

Similarly, Silent Hill fans weren't all that impressed with the change, mocking how normal he looked now and that the remake has changed him into "the type of guy who would kill his wife".

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