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Dead Cells Added To iiRcade’s Growing Catalog

iiRcade has added another big name to its ever-growing catalog, as Dead Cells will be available on the cabinet as a launch title. First released in 2018, Dead Cells is arguably one of the best roguelikes of the past few years – getting it on the iiRcade platform is a huge win for the team.

The selection of games on iiRcade continues to grow, as earlier this year it was announced that classic titles from ColecoVision would be playable on the arcade. iiRcade comes with 11 games preloaded (including Dragon’s Lair, Double Dragon, and Gunbird) while others will be available for purchase on its marketplace. There’s already over 200 listed, but adding new and renowned Dead Cells to the list is bound to grab people’s attention.

This is the first time that Dead Cells will be playable on an arcade cabinet. “Dead Cells is an action-packed modern game with a retro feel to it through its side-scrolling gameplay; making it a perfect fir for the arcade,” said Jong Shin, founder and CEO of iiRcade. “Fans of Metroidvania games will love playing Dead Cells on iiRcade as an arcade game, which is an amazing experience.”

Just this month, Dead Cells rolled out its Legacy Update to iOS and Android. We’re not sure which roadmap the iiRcade version of the game will follow – mobile or home console – but either way you’ll have a lot of content to explore when it eventually comes to the cabinet.

iiRcade is now available for pre-order and is sold in a variety of forms – including the beautiful Dragon’s Lair Edition. You can even pick up the iiRcade in Bartop form if you’re short on space. Pre-orders close in three days, so if you’re interested you’ll need to act fast.

The most affordable version (64GB Bartop) is available for $399, while the premium Dragon’s Lair and Black Edition retail for $599. For more info on the products, head on over to the official iiRcade website.

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