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Dead By Daylight Prestige Will No Longer Remove Perks, Items, And Add-Ons

Dead by Daylight has updated the way that the prestige system works, letting you keep your perks, items, and add-ons when resetting your level.

If you don't know, you can prestige a survivor or killer when they reach level 50, setting them back to their start with a higher chance for rarer nodes on the Bloodweb, as well as a new blood-stained version of your default outfit. You can do it three times, marked by tallies. Alternatively, you can choose to keep renewing the Bloodweb instead. Given that prestige previously reset perks, items, and add-ons, this was the more popular choice. That may now change.

Prestige level three is also being reworked: "If you've already put in the time to reach prestige level three, we'd like to ensure that accomplishment is celebrated," Behaviour Interactive wrote. "Each prestige level three character on your account at the time of the update will receive a distinct reward, with specifics to be unveiled a little further down the line."

In short, the update brings a new incentive to going for prestige while the grind for better Bloodweb rewards will be less tedious. And that's got fans talking – some are already speculating what these level three rewards might be, with some hoping for legacy skins 2.0 while others are expecting charms and joking that it may just be bloodpoints.

To put into perspective how bad the grind was prior, Ray_Ioculatus said that it took around 1.5 million bloodpoints to prestige and reach level 50 again, which is the average of their 40 times getting prestige. So you not only lose all skills, perks, and add-ons, but have a hefty investment to grind for. However, Behaviour Interactive promises more bloodpoint weekends to try and alleviate the grind.

To boot, getting prestige will unlock new personal perks for other survivors and killers, adding even more value to the system. Plenty of players who have held off on using prestige for their characters have expressed excitement in the thread, with many happy to have an excuse to nab those bloody variant skins for characters like Jill Valentine.

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