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Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator Hooked On You Launching This Summer

Dead by Daylight asked its fans what genre they'd most like to see in a spin-off and a resounding number of the community voted for a dating sim. So, despite Behaviour Interactive's initial surprise, development began in collaboration with Psyop who are bringing Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim to Steam this Summer.

The theme is a dark comedy beach party, hearkening back to classics like Baywatch but with a horror flair as brutal murderers make up the cast of eye candy. You can get to know Huntress, Trapper, Spirit, and Wraith more intimately, flirting with them to form romantic or friendly relationships – just be careful that they don't wedge your spine through a hook.

Hooked on You seeks to explore each character's personality in more detail, although Behaviour Interactive stressed that this fun detour is non-canon and simply a 'what if?'. What if we could embrace our inner thirst and risk life and limb for Trappers' abs? We'd probably die – let's find out. But while they're "more playful" than in the main game, Behaviour Interactive added that they are as dangerous as they are in the main game as well.

As for who gets to romance these killer hunks, you do. You don't pick a survivor – the idea is to let you express yourself in whatever way you want, stepping into the world of Dead by Daylight for a brutally romantic jaunt. Behaviour Interactive described the player character as a "blank slate" that you can project yourself onto as "whoever and whatever" you want to be.

But at the core of it is the Entity which has created this tropical beach paradise of romance for an unknown, mysterious reason. Behaviour Interactive promises twists and turns to dive deeper into the happy-go-lucky scenery that these unlikely holiday-goers have found themselves in – we'll just have to wait and find out.

Hooked on You launches this Summer only on Steam, but maybe this detour from the usual prey versus predator online PvP will open the door to all kinds of unique and interesting spin-offs and collaborations for platforms across the board.

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