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Dark Souls 3 Sees Surge In Players As Servers Come Back Online

After seven months, FromSoftware has finally brought Dark Souls 3's servers back online. And that revival has been a hit as over 8,000 people logged into the game last night, getting stuck in for some jolly co-operation. Or invading. Maybe even just writing a troll messaage down somewhere.

Prior to the servers coming back online, Dark Souls 3's playercount was at 2,347, but it immediately spiked to 8,942 when FromSoftware turned the lights back on – that number continues to grow. It's nowhere near the all-time peak of 129,831, but it's the biggest leap since January when the servers were first taken down. Since then, the game has been on a steady decline, though it remains to be seen if it'll reach its January peak of 24,209.

The community is celebrating en masse with screenshots of players praising the sun together, people gesturing at the Anor Londo stairs, and fight club summon signs cropping up all outside Pontif Sulyvahn – the hotspots are returning. It almost feels like Return to Lothric has come around again, only this time through official servers rather than modded community-run ones. But aside from being able to visit each other's worlds, the community is happy to see messages again, for better or worse.

"This is why I love co-op," one Reddit user wrote as they danced around Lothric and Lorian while they faded away into nothing; "ahhh.. i missed the co op", another user wrote as they obliterated Vordt; "I have truly missed Ds 3 PvP", another wrote, celebrating the "honorable duels" that they feel are absent in Elden Ring.

You can help or you can go back to defending Anor Londo and invading every single poor sap who dares Ember there. Careful on that run – you'll probably be met by at least three blue phantoms.

There's no better time to dive in and try out Dark Souls 3's co-op – strike while the hype is still bubbling. Jump in a fight club, invade some new players, and drop a couple messages for easy heals.

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