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Dark Souls 3 Player Starts All Hit Run Where They Have To Take Every Attack

You've heard of no hit runs, an incredibly difficult challenge where you have to get through an entire Soulsborne game without taking a single hit, starting over if you do. One streamer even managed to do it for every Soulsborne game. But someone has flipped the challenge on their head, doing an all hit run where they have to take every single attack that comes their way.

zombieman395 announced this run on the Dark Souls 3 subreddit, adding, "Basically i wont try to dodge an attack… every attack that can hit me will hit me… making this a bit more challenging by only resting at boss bonfires so if i use up all my flasks i still gotta go for the boss and get slapped around some more".

The run relies on an incredible amount of poise, a giant health bar, Havel's armour, and Havel's shield. The weapon art grants them some bonus resistance, while the armour gives them enough poise to let them fight back while being attacked, as the higher your poise is, the less you stagger. The trouble with this run is that you can't dodge attacks, so bosses who have high-damage attacks designed around forcing you to roll will be much tougher. You not only have to kill the boss quick enough that they don't deal enough damage to kill you, but stomach the punches they throw.

While this is a unique way to flip the no hit challenge on its head, one commenter did point out a flaw in the video. Unfortunately, zombieman395 does roll at one point. By the rules of the no hit runs that inspired it, that would disqualify the entire run, meaning they'd have to start over from scratch. However. zombieman395 isn't doing that.

Maybe others will pick up the torch and try this for themselves – if there's one certainty about the Souls community, it's that they keep finding ways to keep the older games fresh all these years later.

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