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Dark Souls: 10 Boss Fights We’d Love To Experience All Over Again

The Dark Souls series is one that has put many of us through our paces. Notoriously difficult in nature, these games offer a challenging experience first and foremost, alongside a continuously impressive amount of lore, backstory, and incredible locations.

Something that has remained consistent throughout is the presence of daunting bosses. These larger-than-life (and larger-than-you) beings step up to halt your progress, leaving you with – usually – no choice but to overcome them. However, there are a few that stand out as particularly memorable fights, and ones that we would love to experience for the first time once again.

10/10 The Bed Of Chaos

While not a particularly eventful boss, this one is a unique experience in the original Dark Souls. The Bed of Chaos requires you to figure out what you need to do in order to defeat it, rather than learning attack patterns and phases through trial and error.

Even once you know what you need to do, pulling it off can be a little difficult, so it doesn't necessarily make it an easy boss. However, the first time is the most hectic, after sliding down a slope aflame and arriving face to face with this being… there's nothing like it.

9/10 The Pursuer

Now one from Dark Souls 2 that many will remember as the bane of their existence, The Purseur's whole meaning is to cause you obstacles and trials by… well, pursuing you relentlessly. First arriving from the skies via a giant bird and surprising you, it is a memorable, awesome, and somewhat intimidating introduction. However, The Pursuer will not stop even if defeated here and now.

It will be an actual boss shortly after, where you will fight atop some ruined battlements. However, this still isn't the last of The Pursuer, as they will turn up time and time again in set locations throughout the game. Good luck, because this one doesn't give up, and the pain and rage you feel the first time around is hilarious.

8/10 Yhorm The Giant

This iconic boss from Dark Souls 3 is a great one to experience the first time around for a couple of reasons. The first is that you have to scramble around in a panic, trying to figure out why you're barely damaging the boss, not knowing you need to grab the sword by the throne and use this instead.

However, another reason this boss is great to experience is part of the NPC questline for Siegward of Catarina. Seeing the cutscene where Siegward enters alongside you and confronts his old friend is an epic moment, and the first time charging in there with your emotionally-driven onion bro is incredibly memorable.

7/10 Looking Glass Knight

A boss from Dark Souls 2 that is one of the coolest in the whole game thanks to its abilities, not to mention the impressive scenery. As you step foot into some ruins in the heavy rain, storm in the distance, you will battle this towering knight that clearly knows how to fight, and how to win.

However, the knight uses a large shield with a mirror built on it. From the mirror, it will call forth phantoms to aid it and fight against you, which can be NPCs or other players. Yeah, it's not a very fair fight, but it's damn cool – and the first time you see it, you will remember it fondly.

6/10 Black Dragon Kalameet

Not only is Black Dragon Kalameet one of the greatest dragons to actually battle in the Dark Souls series – and one of the most difficult, thank you dark sorcery fire breath – but this oversized scaly bird also features one of the best introduction cutscenes, and maybe one of the best scenes in general across the entire series.

You'll stumble into the boss and be killed because, well, it's a dragon – it flies. So you speak to Gough the giant, who proceeds to line up his colossal bow and fire a huge arrow into the skies, perfectly striking Kalameet mid-flight and leaving its wing pinned. Also, Gough is blind, so this is even more impressive. And then you actually have to fight the dragon, so we're off to a good start already.

5/10 Sister Friede

This is a great boss for a few reasons. It's atmospheric, it's challenging, and it frustrates you with a little bit of a twist that is hilarious the first time you experience it.

After fighting Friede, who is quick and sometimes invisible (no big deal), you will then fight both her and Father Ariandel at the same time. Once you defeat them both, they collapse, the game gives you an item, and the boss is done! Right?

Nope, she stands back up and will most likely destroy you with ease. More dark sorcery? Love it.

4/10 Artorias The Abysswalker

Many will know Artorias as the face of Dark Souls posters and art. He's a significant character thanks to the DLC focused on him, and the fight against him will challenge you – but that's not why it's a good experience.

You search for Artorias to find where he went. He disappeared after heading off to fight off the Abyss, but when you find him, he's been consumed by it. He turns against you, any trace of humanity since lost. Plus, he still manages to fight you off despite his sword arm being broken. How cool. Sad, but also cool.

3/10 Great Grey Wolf Sif

What could possibly follow an entry for Artorias himself? His dog, of course. Sif is a large wolf that wields a sword in her mouth, and you'll probably recognize her more so than you would Artorias. You'll also remember how bad you felt fighting her.

As a first experience, this fight is so conflicting. The wolf is guarding the grave of her owner, and will fight you with everything she has – what she has being a massive sword. She'll limp at the end of the battle, making you feel that much worse about what you're doing.

To make matters worse, if you do the DLC first and help Sif put Artorias and the Abyss both to rest, then she'll remember you in a special cutscene – before still fighting you, reluctantly.

2/10 The Nameless King

You'll remember the first time you fought The Nameless King, and then you'll remember the countless times you fight him over and over after that first attempt. With an entrance that literally brings a storm, he swoops down on his dragon and will truly challenge you.

What makes this even more memorable is the first time you realize the story implications. The Nameless King seems to be the forgotten and banished first son of Gwyn, and this makes such a huge impact on your first time going into the battle.

1/10 Slave Knight Gael

The final boss of the final DLC of the final Dark Souls game. In every single way, Slave Knight Gael is the ultimate showdown at the end of the series as a whole, and the first time reaching this point is unmatched.

Not only is it the final-final-final battle, but this is also a big moment for the story. You must defeat Slave Knight Gael after he has become corrupted, and you take the remaining power of the Dark Soul from him once he has fallen. With this, you head back to the woman painting in the chapel of Ariandel, and use it as a pigment for a new world. A new hope.

Not Star Wars.

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