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Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc: Chapter 2 Trial Walkthrough

Welcome to the second trial of the first Danganronpa game. In this trial, the victim was Chihiro Fujisaki, the Ultimate Programmer.

As usual, this trial has plenty of twists and turns. With every game trial, there are fewer people in the courtroom. At this point though, the room is still pretty full. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Courtroom Mechanics For Danganronpa

Non-Stop Debate: Remember in non-stop debate to look for statements to counter with collected evidence from the investigation. Also, keep in mind that white noise can block statements and needs to be shot down first. This is also the first trial where you can absorb one person’s statement and shoot it at another.

Multiple Choice: This is like any multiple-choice school test, except it’s about murder. Choose the right answer between the choices.

Hangman’s Gambit: Make a word out of the letters that pass by. The word should be the answer to a question. Try to think of the word before randomly hitting letters. Thinking of how many letters are in the word will help.

Identify the Person: This is not always for identifying the killer. It merely has you pick a character in the room to answer a “who” question.

Pick a Truth Bullet: To answer a question, you will have to pick one piece of evidence from your collection.

Closing Argument: Make a manga about what happened by putting the correct events in the correct place. There will be some false events to ignore. Be sure you know what order the events happened in.

Bullet Time Battle: This rhythm game requires you to shoot statements down with the beat. Turn the volume up and prepare a Truth Bullet to destroy the final statement of the character you are battling.

Walkthrough Of Chihiro Fujisaki’s Case

Non-Stop Debate

  •  Hiro will say “iron pipe.” Counter that with the Locker Room Dumbell.
  • Next Aoi will state “There is no proof for it.” Hit that with the Genocide Jack Case File.

Multiple Choice

Pick the characteristic of Genocide Jack that the world does not know.

Between the three options, How the victim was positioned is the correct answer.

Hangman’s Gambit

This is actually a pretty difficult one. The answer is Schizo

Multiple Choice

What shows that Toko has a split personality? Choose between she fainted, arrived late, and change of behavior.

The correct answer is Her behavior changed.

Non-Stop Debate

Byakuya will say “the modus operandi matches completely.” Counter that with Status of the Dead Body.

Multiple Choice

Now there are several multiple-choice questions. The answers are in this order.

  • The victim’s fatal injury.
  • What was used to suspend her.
  • Because Chihiro was a girl.

Identify the Person

Between all the students, select Byakuya.

Non-Stop Debate

  •  Absorb Aoi’s statement “before we found the body” and shoot it at “The victim was Chihiro.”
  • Byakuya will say “I’ve never seen that rope before in my life.” Counter that with the Library Desk Lamp.

Multiple Choice

There is something concerning about Byakuya’s remark. Choose between the scene of the crime, Genocide Jack’s presence, and the extension cord.

The correct answer is The scene of the crime.

Pick a Truth Bullet

Now you have to choose two Truth Bullets for two questions. In order, the answers are . . .

  • Two Locker Room Posters.
  • Boys Locker Room Carpet.

Non-Stop Debate

Hiro will say “Leon’s notebook.” Counter that with Broken e-handbook.

Multiple Choice

There is one thing to know for sure about the killer. Choose between the killer is a guy, a girl, or Genocide Jack.

The answer is the killer is a guy.

Non-Stop Debate

  •  Hiro will say “And only the killer.” Counter that with Celeste’s Account.
  • Counter Mondo’s “blue tracksuit” statement with Celeste’s Account.

Multiple Choice

There will be three multiple-choice questions. In order, the answers are:

  • Any answer to the first question is correct.
  • It’s Chihiro.
  • Hitting its weak point.

Identify the Person

This time you are going to pick Mondo.

Non-Stop Debate

Mondo will say “my handbook works just fine.” Counter that with Broken e-Handbook.

Closing Argument

Time to tell the whole story, manga panel style. Remember there will be some false events mixed in with the others to choose from.

The manga panel starts with Celeste’s account of seeing Chihiro packing a blue tracksuit in the warehouse. Chihiro then went to the boy’s locker room by using his e-handbook. In the locker room, he met his killer, and the killer murdered Chihiro with a dumbbell.

That is how bloodstains got on the poster and carpet. The killer removed both the carpet and poster and put Chihiro’s body in the girl’s locker room. The killer used Sayaka or Junko’s handbook to gain access to the girl’s locker room. With the poster and carpet, they made the girl’s locker room look like the scene of the crime.

Then, of course, Byakuya discovers the body and decides to make everything more complicated. He strung up Chihiro with an extension cord and used her blood to make a message. This was all to make it look like Genocide Jack was involved.

Lastly, the killer destroyed Chihiro’s handbook with the heat of the sauna.

Bullet Time Battle

Surprisingly, the battle is not with Mondo. Taka takes the defense. Match the rhythm until he says “Without any proof, you can’t pin this on him.” Counter that with the Broken e-Handbook.

With that done, congratulations! You have completed the second trial of Danganronpa.

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