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Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Main Quests, Ranked

After a long wait, Cyberpunk 2077′s main quest doesn’t disappoint. It’s a hefty story that lasts for over 20 hours, spanning across three different acts with several different quests that then spiral into side quests. Filled with characters that step in and out of the main questline, you’re not going to get easily bored.

That said, some of the missions of the main storyline shine much brighter than others that might even feel like a chore to do. These missions are guaranteed to up your adrenaline and get your heart thumping, or they simply reveal a part of the lore that’s truly impressive. Here’s which missions you should look forward to when pushing through the main campaign. Be warned, as some minor spoilers will be ahead! Act 3 missions will be largely ignored to avoid major ending spoilers.

10 The Rescue

This mission is the first quest V will undertake after their lifepath introduction. Joined by Jackie, the two of them are off to do a typical, simple search and rescue gig. It’s sort of a tutorial mission, since before stepping out of the car Jackie gives V the option to go through some training in a tutorial guided by T-Bug.

Most importantly, the rescue of Sandra Dorsett is a mission fans got to see quite early on in development. It’s fascinating to finally play through its finished version and really see how much of it they kept and how much has changed.

9 Lighting Breaks

Many of the Panam quests are quite fun and empowering, though not all of them have anything to do with the main quest. Lighting Breaks is the main reason why V gets introduced to Panam, since it involves them downing a Kang Tao transport vessel in order to capture Hellman.

The whole plan is pretty impressive, as Panam and V drive to a power plant and overcharge it, then run off to capture the downed vessel at the break of dawn. As an added point of tension, some of Panam’s Aldecaldo friends have also spotted the vessel, making the whole mission ten times more urgent.

8 Play It Safe

Deep into the end part of Act 2, Takemura and V will have planned a whole heist around the Arasaka parade in order to get face to face with Hanako. The whole mission is pretty well crafted and there’s a real sense of urgency as Japantown is crowded with onlookers and V needs to stealthily take down sniper after sniper while climbing upwards.

The whole mission culminates to one of the more interesting boss fights against Oda, the cyberninja character. He shouldn’t be too challenging to deal with, but his ability to fight both close and long range make him a deadly opponent.

7 Disasterpiece

The game isn’t only about action and cool adrenaline-packed scenes. There’s tons of harrowing moments when you’re guaranteed to feel a sense of dread and sorrow, and that’s why Disasterpiece is such a great mission. Along with Judy, V’s task is to find and rescue Evelyn Parker who has gone missing.

The mission is fun not just because it involves Judy, one of the more interesting characters in the game, but also because it manages to pull an emotional response. When V finally finds Evelyn, things aren’t looking good.

6 Never Fade Away

It’s a matter of opinion, but generally the Johnny Silverhand missions aren’t extremely interesting. The main reason is him being so strong and able to one-shot his enemies, that it just feels like a linear quest through which you need to walk at your own pace. That said, Never Fade Away redeems that because of what happens to Alt Cunningham.

After a fight with Johnny, Alt ends up kidnapped by Arasaka, and with Johnny’s anger to inspire you, you’re tasked with her rescue. With the help of Rogue and Thompson, you storm into Arasaka’s facility, hoping to find her in time.

5 Transmission

Transmission takes place right after Never Fade Away, and it’s a fantastic quest due to it showcasing something every fan of the game no doubt wanted to try coming into the game. Netrunning is somewhat of a mystery, but as Brigitte gets V into an icebath and you enter the Net properly for the first time, it definitely looks and feels impressive.

Tranmission also reveals some pretty shocking facts about some of the characters from Johnny’s past, so we won’t be going into further detail. Just know that this mission not only looks but plays out incredibly well.

4 Nocturne OP55N1

For those wondering where that classic point of no return would finally pop up, this is the mission. Nocturne OP55N1 is the beginning mission of Act 3, which is fully dedicated to ending quests. During this time, V can’t participate into any side quests or gigs, so make sure to wrap anything up before entering Embers to meet up with Hanako.

The reason why this quest is so incredible and important is due to the sheer amount of choices you can and need to make. Some choices are immensely subtle, but each of them culminate to a different ending. It’s the perfect gateway to the final stand, as you finally speak with Hanako properly.

3 The Pickup

Most of the Act 1 quests are absolutely brilliant, mainly because they’ve been showcased previously in gameplay trailers and you finally get to play them out in their entirety. The Pickup is a special one in particular because it really shows the importance of choices in Cyberpunk 2077.

V and Jackie need to pick up a Flathead from a Maelstrom gang. Optionally, they can strike a deal with Meredith Stout, or betray her. There’s several options, some of which involve you killing Royce, the leader of the Maelstrom and some of which involve Royce and the Maelstrom fighting Militech on your side. It’s a brilliantly written tense quest that summarizes the spirit of the game to a T.

2 I Walk The Line

Act 2 also has its stellar quests, and perhaps the most high stake and interesting one with very real consequences depending on your choices is I Walk The Line. Placide agrees to have V meet Brigitte as long as they help the Voodoo Boys liberate a mall controlled by the Animals not far away. But as usual, there’s a catch at the end.

This quest was also showcased in a gameplay trailer, although it was slightly modified for the final version. Namely, this quest aimed to show the different approaches V could take depending on their character build. Even in the final version, V can choose to take the strong solo route or stealthy netrunner path. Either way, just be ready for Sasquatch, the main boss.

1 The Heist

The Heist is an iconic quest. It has everything one loves about Cyberpunk 2077: emotions, comedy, excitement, action and real choices. The Heist is the quest that sets off into motion the actual events of the game, and creates a real motive for V to pursue the story with Johnny Silverhand.

The strength of this quest also stems from the fact that it’s a mission CD Projekt Red didn’t really showcase that much, and for good reason. It’s a turning point for the story, a culmination of every other quest experienced during Act 1. V’s life is completely changed, and so is that of the player as the witness the consequences of the mission’s events.

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