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Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Drops Bar While Benching, Spotters Couldn’t Care Less

The problem with making a massive world simulation as you find in Cyberpunk 2077 is that there are always going to be little niche cases where the AI just doesn’t make any sense. For example, here’s a police officer smoking his gun. That’s a totally normal thing for an officer of the law to do, right?

Another example was just recently posted to Reddit by user no0bified. Apparently, you can hack the bench press at a local gym causing the user to drop the bar onto his neck, choking him to death. And the hilarious thing is that everyone standing around watching won’t move a single finger to help him.

One of ‘em even gives the dead guy a thumbs up.

But let’s talk about this weird-ass bench press. Because it’s the future, or whatever, Cyberpunk’s bench presses are electrically assisted, which explains why it looks like he’s pressing 850 lbs. He’s not–the bench press itself is doing some of the work for him so as to impress the dudes watching him lift.

I guess that makes sense in the superficial world of Night City. Perhaps there’s a “regular human” mode for anyone who doesn’t have cyberarms capable of lifting a car one-handed. But then, why would you bother going to the gym if you’ve got mechanical arms?

In any case, V can overload the electrically-assisted bench press to make it stop assisting the user, dropping all 850 lbs right onto his neck. In any normal gym, this is where the dudes standing around watching would step in to help him out and prevent a fatality, but instead, they just stand around acting like nothing is wrong.

That “mhmm” at the end has the perfect comedic timing.

Perhaps the appropriate AI response to their buddy dying in front of them was cut from the final product along with a whole bunch of content, including romance options, AI programming, and quests. CDPR says recent rumors of cut content are untrue, but c’mon guys. Nobody believes that. Not when you can pull off assassinations like this at the gym.

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