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Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Gives You The Strangest Gig Yet: Night City Tour Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of different gigs to take on; however, most of the time, players will be required to go somewhere and kill someone. This mod adds a whole new line of more peaceful work for V, allowing you to become a tourist guide for Night City visitors.

Night City is a big and sprawling place that many players would like to explore in much more detail than they're allowed throughout the vanilla game. While some fans are hoping the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion will offer more ways to do so, here's something you can do for now: install the tour guide mod from Nexus Mods modder ralf and take your NPC friends on a tour of Night City.

To better understand how the mod works, check out the video below. In short, it's kind of a new mini-game available anytime you're in the mood to do some sightseeing and have fun. To take up a new gig, first, you need to add a companion through the console. Then, you need to mark the place of destination on the map and follow them on foot. There's a bit of a catch, as you should never lose sight of the person you travel with or you'll fail your task.

According to the creator, things can get a little challenging as, if you won't do your best, the NPC can stop or even disappear, which is essentially their way of saying you're boring and that they don't want to hang out with you anymore (pretty much like real life, yes). However, if you manage to successfully reach your destination with your eyes glued to your friend, you can ask your companion to dance or pose for you at the end and take some neat pictures.

The mod is already available for download on the Nexus website, but be sure to check the full installation guide for this one, as it also requires you to have several other mod tools installed, like JB – TPP MOD WIP and Appearance Menu Mod. And don't forget to browse through some other recent mods for the game, like this one that allows you to customise cats in V's apartment.

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